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Taal Volcano eruption resulted in mass evacuation of locals

Taal Volcano

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and seismology has raised Taal volcanoes alert level from alert level 3 to alert level 4. Phivolcs says this means that hazardous explosive eruption is possible within hours to days. The agency reiterates total evacuation of Taal Volcano island residents and additional evacuation of areas within the 14-kilometer radius from the main crater could be necessary. Now Disaster officials in the Philippine province of Batangas on alert following Taal volcanoes Phreatic explosion.

Lito Castro, the chief officer of the Batangas Provincial Risk Reduction and Management Office, says the focus now is to evacuate some residents who are still within the seven kilometer radius extended danger zone. He tells ABS-CBN News, some 8,000 residents in four towns live near the volcano.

“We still closely monitor the volcanic activity. Currently, many people living in the affected areas have come to live in the homes of friends and relatives,” he said.

Castro also assures those affected by the volcanoes activity, the local government is on top of the situation. “We have already coordinated with all the agencies concerned,” he added. The government distributed 100,000 masks on the evening of January 12, followed by the food and supplies needed for the affected communities.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines has suspended air activities at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City due to the Taal explosion. The agency says volcanic ash clouds are present in major Philippine air traffic ways. In a notice to Airmen advisory released by CAAP, flights arriving and departing at the country’s main airport have been suspended until 11:00 this evening. Aviation authorities are also considering redirecting all Ninoy arriving flights to the Clark International Airport in Pampanga.

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