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Taylor Swift Releases New Holiday Song “Christmas Tree Farm” Video

Taylor Swift New Holiday Song Christmas Tree Farm

As we know that Christmas is coming and the holiday season is about to begin, the pop queen Taylor Swift just released the holiday song video “Christmas Tree Farm”.

In the middle of the Thursday night, she published the video of Christmas Tree Farm song which takes us to her childhood when she used to celebrate Christmas in Pennsylvania. “In my heart is a Christmas tree farm where the people would come to dance under sparkles and lights,” Swift sings in the song that honours a love that reminds her of home and the holiday memories she made there. “Just being in your arms takes me back to that little farm,” she sings.

Her mother and father shot the video on the Reading Christmas tree farm property. It shows show little Swift as a toddler playing near the Christmas tree while her mother watched. She is also building a snowman outside and writing a letter to Santa, even being gifted a guitar at a young age.

Talking more about Swift’s surprising “Christmas Tree Farm” Video, she revealed the Christmas Holiday song on her social media and on the Good Morning America on Thursday.

“Hey, I know this is pretty wild, but I’ve just written a Christmas song,” Swift said in the video. “I feel like it’s weird to just wait a year to put it out.” 

After some time, Swift posted the video on her social media accounts, with the caption, “When in doubt, ask the itty bitty pretty kitty committee. When they shun you with silence, ambivalence, and judgmental brush offs… just put the song out anyway. NEW XMAS SONG AND VIDEO (made from home videos) OUT TONIGHT.” 

Check this Taylor Swift “Christmas Tree Farm” Song Video

Furthermore, she is also excited about the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 23 where her Netflix original documentary Taylor Swift: Miss Americana will be premiered. So let’s enjoy this Holiday with Taylor Swift’s new Christmas Tree Farm song and wait for her documentary.

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