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Tech Giant Tencent Claims 25,000 deaths from Coronavirus, 1.54 Lakh infected


Every day we see a different figure of deaths and infected by the Coronavirus. Many news and live Coronavirus tracking websites claim the death and infected number by Coronavirus is 638 and 31,472. But the new reports of Coronavirus infected and death number is completely differing from these reports.

Yes, the actual news report indicates that the real death toll might be too higher than it has been officially claimed. The latest Taiwan News report suggested the complete new numbers of infected and deaths by Coronavirus. According to them, the Chinese tech giant Tencent revealed the new report which says that the real total number of deaths from Coronavirus also reached to 24,589 that the too much higher than the official number which is 638.

Also, the number of infected cases is totally different from the official numbers as the official Tencent website allegedly claims the total number of Coronavirus infected case is 154,023, which ten times higher than the official numbers. And the suspected cases were reported at 79,808 while the recovered cases were said to be 269. So this is also the huge difference as the official data confirmed 300 cured cases.

The Taiwan News claims that the Tencent shared this report on its official website with the title “Epidemic Situation Tracker” along with the actual numbers of infected and deaths by the Corona outbreak in China.

The first case of Coronavirus reported on 31 December 2019 in Wuhan, Chine according to the WHO. Since then, the plague has spread to every corner of the world as well as also affected the economy, trade, and travel.

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Considering the outbreak of Coronavirus all over the world, many businessmen and entrepreneurs like Jack Ma(Alibaba founder), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ByteDance, Tencent, Huawei, and more come forward to open donate and open-air detection cure to treat infected cases of Coronavirus.

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