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Telangana Under Night Curfew For Next 10 Days Check Guidelines & Other Details

Telangana Night Curfew

The per-day cases of covid infected people have been rising slowly and steadily in the metropolitans mostly. Whenever matters of international importance and security is talked about, India always holds a special and privileged position in matters of concern. Following the trend, the speed with which the cases of infected personnel have started increasing in India has become a great matter of concern for both the central and the individual state governments.

Telangana Night Curfew guidelines

In order to curb the surge in the cases, the Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrashekhar Rao has declared the night curfew for flattening days that would be starting from the immediate effect which is from today till the 30th April. The decision was actually the need of the hour so as to curb the sudden increase in the number of cases in the state. The curfew would be active from 9 pm in the night till morning 5 am. This schedule would be constant for the next 10 days. The curfew would be suspended directly at 5 am on 1st May.

Telangana Night Curfew

The records have been constantly increasing as we move on in the month. The number of daily cases has been exponentially increasing in almost all parts of the country including the state of Telangana. The government released a notice that the Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrashekhar Rao has been having mild symptoms and he is presently in isolation in his farmhouse situated in Gajwel and his health is constantly being looked upon by a medical team.

All the essential service, medical facilities and staff of the paramedic team would be exempted from such conditions. The offices and markets would shut down at 8 pm every evening before the curfew comes into act. In emergency situations, people returning from autos or cabs at the time of curfew would also be exempted provided they should have a valid travelling ticket and information of their journey. There would not be any restriction on the interstate travelling in the curfew times and there is no need to generate any different pass for it.

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The critical steps of lockdown on weekends was taken on the basis of the sudden increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 affected people. The pressure which it has been making on the medical facilities and infrastructure along with the related staff is really tremendous which also needs to be kept in notice.  As on record, the number stands out to be 20,000+  as on 20th April 2021. The number of cases really shook the Chief Minister as well as the people concerned as it was really an unexpected thing to happen.


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