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Tesla unveils its Cybertruck with 500 miles range at $39,900

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Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, recently unveiled its very first electric-based pickup truck named the Cybertruck. This truck was unveiled at an event held at California’s Los Angeles city. The truck comes in three different versions of 250, 300, and a 500 miles range. The price range starts at $39,900, as mentioned by Musk. However, this aforementioned truck won’t actually be available at the Tesla assembly line before the latter half of 2021. However, you can surely pre-order the variant at Tesla’s official website.

Known always to be a showman, Elon put this truck through the paces to showcase its ruggedness. Franz von Holzhausen, the Chief of Design at Tesla, demonstrated the toughness of the machine by hitting the same with a sledgehammer multiple times. The makers claimed that the make of this truck was highly bulletproof. Not just that, Tesla showed this truck winning at the tug-of-war game with the Ford F150 & even at the drag race held with the Porsche 911.

However, when the maker tried to demonstrate the efficiency of its armoured glass, things went a bit haywire. The metal ball, which was thrown by Tesla’s Chief of Design, happened to shatter both the windows of the truck. To this, Musk commented that there is more work required for fixing the issue.

As of now, there are 3 different versions of this truck available for purchase by 2021:

  • The truck with a single motored drive with a rear-wheel that comes with a 250 miles range. Apart from that, this truck will feature a towing capacity of 7500-pound & 0 to 60 mph speed capacity within a short time frame of 6.5 seconds at the price tag of $39,900.
  • Another variant of the truck comes with a dual-motor capacity with an all-wheel drive. It comes with a 300 miles range. The truck also comes with a 10,000 pound capacity for towing and reaches from 0 to 60 mph within a time frame of 4.5 seconds at the price tag of $49,900.
  • The third triple motored variant is an all-wheel truck drive that houses a range of 500 miles. It comes with a towing capacity of 14000 pounds while aggregating a speed of 60 mph from 0 within a time frame of 2.9 seconds within $69,900. However, the production process for this variant won’t start until the latter half of 2022.
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