That Bizarre Ending of Danish Thriller Series ‘Equinox,’ Explained [SPOILERS]

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When you love Norse folklore and cults, the brand new Danish Netflix present Equinox is for you. Equinox follows a girl named Astrid whose sister (Ida) and 20 of her classmates go lacking in the future whereas on a commencement area journey. This all occurs years in the past after they have been kids. Three of the kids find yourself returning, however 18 are seemingly gone eternally. Astrid, who’s 9 years previous when this occurs, begins having nightmares that do not cease till she’s an grownup. 

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The nightmares are so vivid and traumatizing, Astrid’s father needs to ship her to get psychiatric assist, however Astrid’s mom appears to bizarrely push her daughter towards embracing them. Clearly, one thing is up with these two.

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Astrid’s dad and mom have been hiding an enormous secret from her this whole time, and we because the viewers uncover what it’s over the six episodes. As an grownup, Astrid is confronted with the previous when Ida’s previous boyfriend Jakob calls her in the future and tells her he noticed precisely how she disappeared, together with the others. As Astrid unravels the reality, we come barreling towards the top of the present, however with a view to actually perceive the finale of the primary season of Equinox, you must know the mythology that props it up and propels it ahead.

What is the folklore of Ostara?

The folklore of Ostara is instructed in numerous methods, but it surely does tie again to the origins of the Easter Bunny. Ostara was a human girl who the Hare King fell in love with throughout the equinox. That they had half methods, although, however Ostara felt his presence all over the place, as she started noticing eggs in locations they’d been collectively. The eggs hatched, which resulted in a flock of rabbits. Apparently, Astrid’s mom had evoked the Hare King when she was unable to get pregnant. The Hare King, who seems as a person named Henrik, offers her the power to have kids provided that she returns Ida when Ida is 18.

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Ida turns into pregnant with Henrik’s child, and as a substitute of going to him, she has an abortion as a substitute. When Ida’s mom finds out, she’s livid and scared for her daughter, realizing that the pact between her and Henrik has been damaged. Certainly, an offended Henrik takes Ida and her classmates as his prisoners. Astrid is ready to break their imprisonment by basically sacrificing herself.

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‘Equinox’ Netflix ending, defined.

Within the remaining episode of Equinox, Astrid turns into Ostara (and actually was Ostara, all alongside) and reunites with Henrik/the Hare King. By doing so, she “frees” Ida’s classmates from their jail, they usually come out from a area (they’re seemingly alive and have not aged, however strolling zombie-like — they could possibly be undead). Ida, nonetheless, would not make it out to the opposite aspect as a result of the world would not actually perceive her anymore. Ida finally ends up staying along with her sister, who chooses to dwell with the Hare King and goes on to dwell in his world. Each appear fairly proud of this final result.

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It is a fairly darkish ending, however should you watched Midsommar, a horror movie set in Sweden that additionally evokes fable and sacrifice, you then’ll in all probability agree that what occurs to Astrid and Ida is smart and was fated to be. 

You possibly can stream Equinox on Netflix now.

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