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The 10 Most Dangerous Enemies In The Series That Aren’t Bosses

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Content Warning: This article contains descriptions and images of violence and horror.

The Resident Evil series is home to an expansive cast of creepy, ugly, and extremely dangerous monsters that the player needs to overcome in order to emerge alive at the end of the story. From zombies and mutated animals to freakish bug things intent on devouring the player character, there’s definitely a lot to be worried about when navigating the many entries in the storied survival-horror franchise.

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Although iconic boss enemies like Mr. X, Nemesis or Jack Baker (or Lady Dimitrescu) might be the bad guys who really keep players up at night, the rank and file bad guys who pad out most of the combat encounters in the series aren’t to be taken lightly either. Many of these things require inventive tactics to defeat or are capable of bringing an end to the game with a single attack, so try not to get caught off guard by some of these nightmarish enemies.

10 Novistadors

Novistador closeup

The freakish insects that populate the castle sewers in Resident Evil 4 were originally human, although one wouldn’t be able to tell that at first glance. These things are equipped with deadly claws and functional wings, allowing them to skitter around and attack Leon from unpredictable angles, and to make matters worse they can vomit corrosive bile up close.

By far the worst thing about Novistadors, though, is their ability to camouflage themselves to the point of near invisibility. The player has to keep a close eye out for any environmental clues that one is approaching because they’re at their most dangerous once they’ve closed in.

9 Giant Majini

Giant Majini figure

Giant Majini are the huge counterparts to standard Majini – the infected enemies that make up the bulk of the cannon fodder that Chris and Sheva fight through in Resident Evil 5. Unlike their smaller brethren, though, these Giant Majini are far from being pushovers. Sporting a menacing mask and a huge club made out of human skulls, these guys are a serious threat whenever they make an appearance.

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The Giant Majini has a ton of health and his club can do severe damage, but what really makes these things difficult to deal with is their immunity to headshots, thanks to their giant masks. This means that the player will have to get creative when engaging one of them and think carefully about where to place their shots.

8 Drain Deimos

Jill grabbed by Drain Deimos

Drain Deimos are creepy multi-legged arthropod things capable of climbing up and down walls, making targeting them difficult. In addition to being able to attack with claws, these things also have a taste for human brain fluid, so the player will want to keep them away from their face.

Appearing in both the original Resident Evil 3 and the more recent remake, their ability to scale walls makes targeting them more difficult, and also means that they can attack from multiple angles. The other bad thing about them is that they’re almost always encountered in groups, making isolating and avoiding their attacks difficult.

7 Neptunes

Neptune lunges for Chris

Neptunes are huge zombie sharks that attack the player in the original Resident Evil and its remake. It’s a little bit unclear why exactly the Umbrella Corporation thought it would be a good idea to turn sharks into zombies, but they went ahead and did it, and the result is a whole group of the things swimming around in the lab.

What makes these things so dangerous is their advantage in the water, as well as their instant kill bite attack. Protagonists Chris and Jill can’t swim in the original Resident Evil, so they’re forced to battle these monsters on unfavorable terms.

6 Dogs

Trio of zombie dogs

Zombified or otherwise mutated dogs have been a common enemy in Resident Evil games since the very first entry, and for good reason too. In the earlier games, the player’s mobility was limited, and in the first stages of the game, they would often be engaging slow-moving zombies. Dogs shake up that tendency by being much faster and more agile than the player.

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Although they tend to have less health than a typical zombie, they’re almost always encountered in groups, making their great speed and hard-hitting tackle attack something to worry about. If the player decides to engage a group of them, they’ll have to think hard about their positioning before starting the fight.

5 Chainsaw Man

Leon attacked by the Chainsaw Guy

One of the most iconic enemies Leon encounters in Resident Evil 4 is, without a doubt, the aptly named Chainsaw Man. Chainsaw Man only seems to have one purpose on this Earth, and that’s to relentlessly pursue the player with a deadly chainsaw, forcing them to constantly reposition to avoid having their head chopped off.

Chainsaw Man is introduced early into the game, too, so players are forced to deal with these maniacs before they even have a working grasp of the game’s controls, meaning that these guys are the cause behind many a game over for a new player.

4 Crimson Heads

Crimson Head Closeup

A unique enemy type to the remake of the original Resident Evil, Crimson Heads are upgraded zombies that interact with the game and the player in a number of interesting ways. These undead are faster, scarier, and more powerful than their counterparts, making them an absolute pain to deal with if the player doesn’t have shotgun ammo to spare.

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However, what makes these monsters truly frightening is the way they’re created. Crimson Heads spawn from the corpses of defeated zombies, meaning that the player has to carry around and expend valuable resources to dispose of bodies before they regenerate in a far more dangerous form.

3 Lickers

Claire knifes a Licker

The iconic Licker is a fast-moving predator with a number of interesting twists. They are extremely fast when alerted, but they’re also almost totally blind. Careful players might want to try and sneak around them, but getting close can be a dangerous affair because the slightest noise can send the Licker flying towards the player with outstretched claws.

They also aren’t called Lickers for no reason. In addition to the powerful claws used to engage at close range, players who try to keep their distance and pick these beasts off at range may find themselves falling victim to the creature’s long, harpoon-like tongue.

2 Hunters

Chris tackled by a Hunter

Hunters are T-Virus-assisted hybrids of humans and predatory reptiles, and they certainly live up to the name. They are among the oldest bio-organic weapons (or B.O.W.) created by the Umbrella Corporation, and they appear in the original Resident Evil as late-game monsters that put the player’s survival skills to the test.

Hunters are much faster and more dangerous than other enemies in the game. They can leap and tackle the player from a great distance and can decapitate the player if they’re low on health, triggering an instant game over.

1 Regenerators

Enter the Regenerator

The Regenerator, or Regenerador, is arguably the most frightening enemy encountered by the player during the events of Resident Evil 4. Accompanied by some spooky music, these enemies appear slow at first, only to surprise the player with shocking bursts of speed while on the attack.

On top of their combat abilities, the Regenerator is capable of, well, regenerating. Thanks to a pervasive parasitic infection, normal weapons are not enough to defeat these monsters. Blast one in the head, arms, or chest and it will simply regrow the tissue damaged by the attack.

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