The 1998 Murders of Megan and Sherri Scherer Will Be Featured on ‘Genetic Detective’

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On March 28, 1998, Tony and son Steven Scherer discovered the our bodies of Sherri and Megan Scherer of their Missouri residence. Just some hours later, in Dyersburg, Tenn., a person driving a van pulled a gun on a mom and her kids, demanding to be taken inside their residence. When the mom refused, the assailant shot her within the arm, and he or she sustained non-critical accidents.

Authorities quickly suspected that this man was answerable for killing Megan and Sherri Scherer, given the same nature of the assaults.

After a ballistics check, the weapon used to shoot the Dyersburg mom was confirmed to be a match for the weapon used within the murders of Megan and Sherri Scherer. 

In the course of the Scherer investigation, specialists had been capable of develop a partial profile for the killer. However, a number of key DNA markers had been lacking to offer a substantive lead for authorities. 

In 2006, the murders had been reopened due to additional advances in DNA expertise. Although the killer’s identification nonetheless remained a thriller, his DNA had been entered into CODIS, a nationwide database. It quickly obtained successful with the DNA discovered after the homicide of South Carolina resident Genevieve Zitricki in 1990.

Greater than a decade later, in 2017, the killer’s DNA additionally linked to the then-unsolved 1997 rape of a 14-year-old Memphis resident. 

The case lastly was solved after investigators employed Parabon NanoLabs, the place CeCe Moore is the top of geneaology.

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