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The 9 Worst Betrayals In The Series, Ranked

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As The Flash continues with its 7th season, fans can look back on all the most emotional moments from the show. Some of those moments have been from deaths, but others have come from the many betrayals that Barry and the rest of the team have faced along the way.

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From the show’s best friends to its best villains, betrayals have come from the likes of Eobard Thawne, Hunter Zolomon, and even Caitlyn and Harry. Barry is one of the most intelligent characters on the show, but sometimes even he can’t see past the deception that others are carrying out in front of him.

9 The Speed Force


The most recent betrayal on The Flash is actually that of the Speed Force (appearing as Barry’s other). Barry studies Alexa to try to see if she is Fuerza. As Alexa starts to react strongly to the isotopes, the Speed Force throws lightning at her against Barry’s wishes, as Barry broke his promise that they would team up against the other forces.

It is certainly an intriguing plot point to have Barry go up against the physical manifestation of the Speed Force. Still, there are far more dramatic and personal betrayals that have occurred on the show.

8 Nora West-Allen

Fans were first introduced to Nora West-Allen in the first episode of season 5. All Nora wanted was to meet her father, but to do so, she had to go to Eobard Thawne to learn how. Even though Nora had other options, she still chose to meet with Thawne.

After going back in time to see his own mother earlier in the show’s run, Barry empathizes with Nora wanting to see her father, but knowing she continuously met and built up a friendship with the man who killed his mother is too much for Barry. He leaves her sad, alone, and abandoned back in 2049.

7 Harry Betrays Barry

After a near-miss where Iris almost dies in season 2, Barry notices that he is slower (2% slower, to be exact). As the team tries to figure out the problem, fans can see the guilt in Harry’s face.

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Eventually, Dr. Wells admits that he stole his speed and gave it to Zoom through a device planted in Barry’s suit. Fans will certainly miss Tom Cavanagh on the show as every version of Wells was incredibly likable.

6 Killer Frost Betrays Zoom

The Flash Killer Frost Zoom Review

In season 2, episode 14, Killer Frost leads Team Flash to Zoom’s hideout, but she ends up double-crossing them, and it turns out that she brought them to Zoom on purpose.

This episode featured a double double-cross when Killer Frost betrays Zoom at the last second after being reminded that he killed her boyfriend, Ronnie Raymond. If there’s anything better than a double-cross, it’s a double-double-cross.

5 Caitlin Snow

Savitar told Barry that “one would betray” him, so naturally, the team, and fans, begin to wonder who it could be. It turns out it was the least likely member of the team, Caitlyn Snow. Caitlyn revealed that she kept a part of the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ after trying to throw the box into the Speed Force.

As previously said, Caitlyn is the last member of the team who fans would expect to betray Barry. Caitlin has always tried to be diplomatic in the group, but her ambition to get rid of her powers made her keep a piece of the stone.

4 Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon

There is certainly a common theme of supposed friends turning out to be evil speedsters on the show, but what can fans expect from a show about The Flash? The speedster villains have certainly been some of the best in the Arrow-verse, and Jay Garrick as Hunter Zolomon/Zoom is part of that club.

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Jay also had a romantic relationship with Caitlyn Snow, making it that much more hurtful to the team when they found out who Zoom really was. Jay Garrick from the past, being willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of ‘Zoom’ was also a nice touch.

3 Team Flash Betray Barry

The Flash Season 3 Midseason Premiere Team Flash Julian Albert

In season 2, episode 23, Barry decides to race Zoom on his own terms to save everyone Barry loves. Barry talks to Joe and says that he wants to kill Zoom and make him suffer, but the team wants to force Zoom into a portal and off their earth for good.

While Barry is talking to Joe, Harry shoots him with a tranquilizer dart, and they put Barry in the pipeline, so he doesn’t do something he regrets. The whole of Team Flash betraying Barry was certainly one of the most dramatic moments as it is more powerful than any one member betraying him on their own.

2 Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne

The original villain from the show’s first season, Harrison Wells, as Eobard Thawne, remains one of the greatest antagonists on the show. Thawne pulled off some great tricks to leave fans unaware that he was Wells, such as running so fast that he was playing Harrison Wells in the chair, as well as Thawne, who the team was interrogating, at the same moment.

Having Wells/Thawne teach Barry to get faster not only served made him seem innocuous but also made for an interesting storyline that delved into Thawne wanting Barry to get faster so he could return to his own time.

1 Barry From The Future

In season 3, episode 20, fans finally found out the identity of Savitar, the main villain on The Flash, for that time. Savitar knew every move Barry and the team would make because, in his own words at the beginning, he was “the future Flash.” Not only did Barry betray the team, but also himself.

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It wasn’t until episode 20 when Savitar was revealed to be Barry Allen from the future, a revelation that very few saw coming. His creation began when Iris died at his own hand; therefore, Savitar needed to go back in time to kill Iris to start the current Barry down the path to becoming him. The plotline was incredibly intriguing and certainly gave fans goosebumps.

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