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The Arrowverse Already Has The Perfect Replacement For Flash’s Cisco

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Supergirl’s Brainiac is the perfect Arrowverse replacement to keep Barry Allen from messing up timelines following Cisco’s departure from Team Flash.

The Flash will soon be continuing without Cisco Ramon, Barry Allen’s best friend, and Star Labs’s resident technological genius, but the stars have already aligned to provide a perfect replacement. Actor Carlos Valdes’s departure will leave an unfillable void on the show that is now the Arrowverse’s mothership. As Supergirl concludes its series run, the Arrowverse has only just begun exploring the storytelling potential of Jesse Rath’s Brainiac 5 aka Brainy. Having Brainy step into The Flash vacancy would be as brilliant and logical as the character himself.

Since his arrival on Supergirl in season 3, Brainy has become one of the Arrowverse’s most beloved characters. The highly intelligent AI member of the Legion of Superheroes’ evolution into an empathetic member of Supergirl’s team has been a delight. Since removing his personality inhibitors in season 5, fan-favorite Brainy only continues to endear as he explores more facets of his humanity, while still retaining his quirky sense of humor. His slow-burn romance with Dreamer/Nia Nal is another story that is still in its early chapters, ready to be continued on another Arrowverse show. Additionally, for a show that toys with time as often as The Flash does, a time traveler like Brainy on the team should be mandatory.

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Team Flash is set to lose not one but two of its most significant members; in addition to Valdes’s exit, Tom Cavanaugh and the myriad versions of Wells he has brought to life are exiting the show as well. With Cisco and Wells gone, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen will lose two of his closest friends and collaborators. Over the years Barry and Cisco’s roller coaster “bromance” has been one of The Flash’s constants. However, the addition of Brainy would introduce a fresh dynamic that the maturing show and speedster need for The Flash’s storytelling to progress to the next level.

Brainy in his human disguise working at the DEO

The Arrowverse can only benefit from including Brainy (and the other Supergirl characters) in its future. His experiences throughout the timeline and outer space provide a perspective that is crucial to the Arrowverse’s expansion. It’s only a matter of time before The Flash starts facing more villains from out of town; after all, he’s on Earth-Prime now, and troublemaking aliens or non-speedster time travelers are inevitable tourists. Barry Allen will need to upgrade his team to handle the next tier of supervillains, and Team Flash needs a charismatic new voice to prevent its storytelling from becoming repetitive and stale.

Barry constantly brings trouble crashing down on his head, because almost everybody around him maintains an awe-provoked distance, caught up in the wonder of his powers. Consequently, they don’t provide any practical or wise guidance to help him responsibly manage his actions. Brainy, with his extensive interactions with superheroes and expansive knowledge of the universe, is not going to be impressed by what Barry can do. Thus, Brainy has the potential to be an extremely healthy moderating influence. In turn, Barry, Paragon of Love (and Heartbreak), could work his friendship magic to help with Brainy’s ongoing adjustment to the emotions he’s experiencing with his dampeners.

Brainy, (Brainiac 5) joining the team to replace Cisco makes the perfect fit for Team Flash. The Flash’s greatest storytelling weakness is that Barry making redundant mistakes is a primary source for conflict and plot momentum. As a result, neither Barry nor The Flash itself has been permitted to grow up. Bringing Brainy on to prevent those common mistakes requires the show to fuel its conflicts by something other than Barry’s cycle of error and martyrdom. Brainy’s addition to the team also gives Team Flash a power boost to handle the next generation of superpowered threats Earth-Prime will be dishing out.

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