The best Apex Legends characters to use in Arenas

The best Apex Legends characters to use in Arenas

Apex Legends’ Arenas is a welcome change of tempo from its customary battle royale trappings. The three-vs-three recreation mode removes RNG and third-partying to boil the sport right down to its necessities: two squads preventing one another on small, specialised maps.

Every spherical begins with a purchase menu, which lets gamers purchase weapons, capability expenses, and objects. The primary staff to win three rounds with a two-win benefit is the champion. Arenas is a a lot faster-paced battle royale mode, which signifies that legends who carry out nicely in the principle recreation aren’t essentially as efficient in Arenas. Whether or not you’re trying to climb the ranked Arenas leaderboard or simply wish to know how one can pub-stomp, we’re wanting on the legends who carry out finest on Arenas’ smaller stage.

Listed below are the very best legends to make use of in Arenas.

Bloodhound and Seer

Bloodhound and Seer present an analogous quantity of knowledge to their staff. Each are recon characters with “wallhack” talents who can pinpoint the enemy’s places. Bloodhound is extra aggressive, as they’re best when dashing ahead to capitalize on the enemies revealed by their Eye of the Allfather. In Arenas, they solely get a handful of makes use of and should purchase further expenses.

Alternatively, Seer is stealthier, mendacity in wait till he can ambush the enemy. His Heartseeker passive can be utilized an infinite variety of occasions, nevertheless it doesn’t pinpoint enemies as precisely, and it doesn’t robotically talk their places along with his teammates. Each legends are helpful on an Arenas staff, however you don’t want each on one staff, so the selection comes down largely to non-public desire and play type.

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Wraith Unshackled Punch Apex
Screengrab through Respawn Leisure

Wraith is simply pretty much as good in Arenas as she is in battle royale. In addition to being small and tough to hit, her talents can present helpful utility to her teammates. Dimensional Rift turns into immensely extra highly effective on Arenas’ smaller maps, as Wraith can present a path distant from the middle of the sphere for allies who want a revive or wish to heal. Into the Void can also be extraordinarily helpful: with much less map terrain to journey over, she will be able to reposition farther away from enemies when wanted. Into the Void additionally retains its normal offensive capabilities within the thick of a close-range struggle.


Octane Grenade Finisher
Screengrab through [Respawn Entertainment](

Whereas Octane loses a bit of effectiveness within the transfer to Arenas–Apex‘s smaller maps don’t have as a lot verticality as its bigger battle royale maps, rendering his Launch Pad largely ineffective–he’s nonetheless a helpful legend. On most Arenas maps, there are solely a handful of provide chests, all of which comprise therapeutic objects like Med Kits and Protect Batteries. Whoever will get to them first will get to assert the provides with out paying for them throughout the purchase part. It is a enormous boon, notably when you’d reasonably spend supplies on weapon upgrades. Octane’s Stim can get him to provide chests extra rapidly than different legends, enabling him to hold out this technique and stomp the competitors.


apex radical action bangalore
Picture through Respawn Leisure

Bangalore has at all times been a very good all-around legend, and she or he retains most of her effectiveness in Arenas. The map’s smaller areas imply that her Rolling Thunder covers a a lot increased proportion of the map than it does in battle royale, making it simpler to flush out and stun enemies. Her Smoke Launcher is nice for popping a fast heal or reviving an ally, particularly as a result of gamers should make a concentrated effort to get an enemy-highlighting Digital Risk scope that may see via her smoke. Whereas she doesn’t excel at something, specifically, she’s an incredible selection for brand new gamers or those that wish to management giant swaths of Arenas’ maps.

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apex legends newcastle smoke
Screengrab through Respawn Leisure

Newcastle is one other nice all-around legend. He acquired a number of buffs in the beginning of season 14, all of which carry over into Arenas. His Retrieve the Wounded revive is beneficial for pulling enemies round corners and maintaining them secure. His Cellular Protect is arguably extra helpful on a smaller enjoying floor than in battle royale. Newcastle’s greatest attract Arenas is Citadel Wall: if he and his staff determine to play defensively, they will select one location and maintain it out, making it tough for the opposing staff to interrupt down their defenses. Whereas flanking isn’t exhausting in Arenas, if Newcastle locations his defend accurately, it is going to be very tough to flush him out.

Fuse and Mad Maggie

Fuse and Mad Maggie each serve an analogous function in Arenas. Each are nice at both flanking or countering flankers, and each have wonderful space denial potential. Prices of Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster are cheap to purchase, and The Motherlode can both preserve enemies in a sure zone or forestall them from accessing an important a part of the map. Grenadier additionally makes shopping for grenades throughout the purchase part way more interesting.

Mad Maggie, alternatively, can destroy a defensive staff with each Riot Drill and Wrecking Ball, both by stopping them from flanking or flushing them out of their hiding spot. She’s an incredible selection for extra aggressive groups because of Warlord’s Ire, particularly since there actually aren’t any dangerous shotguns within the recreation anymore following season 14’s enormous buff to the EVA-8. Fuse works nicely as a sniper, hanging again and throwing grenades from lengthy vary to assist his teammates. That is one other selection that comes down to non-public desire, as each legends are helpful as a part of all kinds of Arenas methods.

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