The best fitness tech in 2020

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Keeping on top of our health and fitness is a huge part of people’s lives, especially in the modern-day where science has told us that we need it to live a healthy and long life. There’s an array of exercise to get involved in too; it’s just about finding the best one for you and your body.

Some people, for example, can’t hike mountains or play rugby due to their body’s limitations, maybe through injury perhaps, which is why it’s important to nail down the right form of exercise for you. Technology can enable you to get even more from a workout, also. In fact, technology has impacted our daily lives in a huge way, which is why it’s hardly surprising to see it well and truly take over the health and fitness space too.

Technology is booming overall, ultimately. A quick look at the gaming world will tell you just how far we’ve come. Our consoles are more advanced than ever before, our games are better too, alongside the fact that there’s been a surge in mobile phone gamers, with creations like PUBG Mobile and arcade games like Rock Paper Scissors available at online sites like this one proving hugely popular. Like the gaming world, the fitness industry has had a technological facelift also.

With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the fitness tech everyone’s talking about at the moment.

Myzone MZ-3

Fitness trackers such as Fitbits are hugely popular these days, although there are some doubts as to whether its features such as its heart-rate monitor is actually accurate. Put your mind at ease with the Myzone MZ-3, one of the best heart-rate monitors on the market. It straps easily onto your chest, it can be paired with other devices too, as well as being waterproof at up to 10 metres, plus storing up to 16 hours of data from your workout.

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Form Swim Goggles

Swimming is a great way to keep fit, but getting the perfect pair of goggles can be a pain. Form Swim Goggles are hoping to buck that trend with a modern-day take on them, thanks to they’re ability to put your real-time stats in your eye line via a smart display which is only visible to you. It offers anti-fog protection too, allowing you to swim with clear visibility at all times.

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Earbuds specifically designed for fitness, Jaybird Vista are designed to fight off sweat and offer excellent sound quality while they sit nicely in your ears. They offer a highly impressive six hours of battery life too, as well as looking incredibly slick and ideal for most workouts.

Pulseroll Plus

Do you regularly suffer with soreness after exercising? Well, fear not, the Pulseroll Plus has you covered. Your muscles are most likely knotted, which is why using a foam roller such as the Pulseroll Plus can be hugely beneficial. Used by GB Boxing and British Weight Lifting, this lightweight and easy to carry around foam roller is easily one of the best on the market at this moment in time.

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Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbits are incredibly popular these days, with millions of people around the globe using them to keep track of fitness goals such as calories and distance covered. The latest in a long line of Fitbits is the Fitbit Charge 4, which is highly recommended for trail runners, cyclists and swimmers as it can keep track of miles covered perfectly, as well as being lightweight and easy to wear. This particular Fitbit offers its users rewards too, with the promise of double credit for staying in their peak performance zones.

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