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The Canadian Iron Man is Returning to Marvel Comics

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Marvel’s new solicitations confirm that Canada’s own Armored Avenger, Avro-X, will be returning in an upcoming issue of Iron Man’s ongoing series.

Tony Stark may be America’s Iron Man, but believe it or not, Canada has its own version of the Armored Avenger. While his appearances have been scarce recently, it seems that Avro-X’s hiatus from Marvel Comics is finally coming to an end.

Marvel’s ongoing Iron Man series by Christopher Cantwell has Tony Stark working with a rag-tag group of heroes to take down Korvac, the Avengers’ most powerful enemy. Korvac’s aim is to take back the Power Cosmic from Galactus’s ship and restore himself to full power so he can reshape the universe in his image. Both Korvac and Tony’s god-complexes are on full display in this series, but even without his full power, Korvac still has Iron Man seriously outclassed. Currently, Tony has been teleported to an unknown alien world, and based on Marvel’s new solicitations, it seems he’ll be stuck there for a while, but he’s not alone.

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Avro-X made his debut in Marvel Fanfare #44 back in 1989. A Major in the Canadian Armed Forces, Colin Richard was selected to demonstrate a new, mechanical suit of armor at the International Robotics Symposium. While the intention was to create a better Iron Man suit, the contestants mostly fell short. Major Richard’s Avro-X suit actually began to malfunction after being infected with a virus, putting the attendees in danger. Fortunately, the virus was removed, but not much has been seen of Avro-X since – until now.

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  • Iron Man #11
  • Written by Christopher Cantwell
  • Art by Angel Unzueta
  • Cover by Alex Ross
  • Marvel Games Variant Cover by Netease
  • After bringing down an Ultimo robot nearly singlehandedly, Iron Man continues to investigate the strange and small colony on the remote planet where he’s been marooned. Life here seems perfect…but is it? And who’s possibly pulling the strings behind its delicate design? As Tony digs deeper for answers, an astral projection of Hellcat warns him that Korvac is still the biggest threat they all face…unless Tony gives into addiction, this time in the form of pain medication for his many injuries. FEATURING ANOTHER APPEARANCE BY EVERYONE’S FAVORITE ARMORED CANADIAN HERO, AVRO-X! Plus: STILT-MAN!

Based on the solicitations, it seems the world Tony has been marooned on may be a version of Korvac’s imagined paradise. How exactly Avro-X wound up there remains to be seen, but considering the solicitation mentions a “small colony” and the inclusion of Marvel villain Stilt-Man, it seems Tony is hardly the first person Korvac has banished to this remote planet. It’s also interesting that Avro-X seems to be fighting Iron Man in the cover image, perhaps implying he is in league with Stilt-Man. Regardless, Tony’s inner demons may prove to be a greater challenge than either of them, as Iron Man’s addiction threatens to return with his use of pain meds to treat his injuries.

The good news is that Hellcat evidently uncovers a way to communicate with Tony from afar by accessing the astral plane. Even still, there’s no telling whether that will make finding Iron Man any easier, or how long he’ll be able to survive on Korvac’s world with only Avro-X and Stilt-Man for company.

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