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The First Coronavirus Tested Positive At CDC

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The leading national public health institute of the United States, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is also the United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services, reported the first positive case of Coronavirus.

Yes, CDC announced on Monday that one of their employees had contracted COVID-19. So this is the first positive case of Coronavirus in CDC. Well, the agency said that the patient is now in good condition and send to the isolated center to avoid the spread of infection to other people. It’s still not revealed that where the infected employee is isolated, weather at the headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, or at any other center.

According to the statement of CDC, one the individual tested positive of COVID-19, the agency immediately took the proper call and ordered the patient to stay home. The CDC team will take every measure and treat the patient with privacy while keeping the individual way from the other people to avoid the spread of the COVID-19.

When we asked about the patient, CDC didn’t share any detail about the individual and said that “we will not be able to share.” I guess they are doing it to keep their staff safe and secure.

Talking much about the individual, the person was not involved with the COVID-19 response and has not been present in the office since March 6. But later, some symptoms show and then tested positive. The agency said that they would clean every part of the office where the employee worked to keep everyone safe from the Coronavirus.

CDC is also taking significant steps to reduce the risk of infection to other employees by letting sick people stay home, cleaning every faculty, canceling public gathering, and staff travel as well as encouraging social avoiding and more measures to keep everyone safe and away from the COVID-19.

Apart from this, there are also more 4585 cases of Coronavirus in the United States, which included 967 cases in New York, 904 in Washington, 557 in California, and more in other areas of the country.

Recently during the Coronavirus press conference, Trump said

“We have an invisible enemy,” also added, “This is a bad one. This is a very bad one.”

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