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The first trailer of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984 has arrived: Here’re the important details of it

Wonder Woman 1984 trailer

Wonder Woman is back to render justice. DC’s sequel to Wonder Woman is scheduled for June 20, 2020.

Yes, Warner Bros. just released the first teaser trailer of Wonder Woman Sequel which is releasing in the summer of 2020. The trailer got unveiled at Brazil Comic-Con on Sunday. The trailer shows the return of Dianna Prince’s love interest Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) who was presumed dead in the first part of the franchise. It’s obvious according to the title of the movies that it is set in 1984 then how Steve is back after 60 years and that too with his youthful look. The trailer is hinting all the possibilities and some more significant things that you might have missed

Gal Gadot was present at Brazil’s Comic-Con and stated about the film that now after losing all of her friends and dear ones Wonder Woman is quite lonely now but she is doing what she ought to do. The 80s is considered to be one of the greatest decades in American culture as it is popular for its fashion, musicians and songs, and the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union. And, between all this, the story of Wonder Women (WW84) takes place. The trailer shows Game of Thrones and Narcos fame Pedro Pascal and Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wiig in significant roles. Here are some important details that you might have not noticed in the trailer.

  1. Wonder Woman’s gold suit

Wonder Woman’s gold armour with wings allows her to fly and protects from gunshots and other attacks. According to the comics, it is made of pure gold and was first appeared in Kingdom Come part 3 (1996). So it will be amazing to see Gal Gadot in one more avatar of Wonder Woman.

  1. The invisible jet of Wonder Woman

The trailer shows the glimpses of Diana in a plan with Steve and the plan is appeared to be the Wonder Woman’s invisible flight. The jet is used by Wonder Woman for long-distance travel. She also uses to carry cargos and people in some situations. The glimpses of this iconic jet were also seen in 2016’s Comic-Con at San Diego celebrating the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman’s comic appearance.

  1. Steve might be not real

This time Wonder Woman is not alone but she has gotten back his love interest Steve Trevor who is considered dead in a plane explosion in 1918 (according to the first Wonder Woman). But how he could be back in 1984 without even aging a day? Is he back by time traveling or he’s all in the mind? The trailer suggests that there is some kind of dead between Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Wonder Woman. He is saying “Think about finally having everything you’ve always wanted” while the trailer shows Gal’s face and he is heard speaking “Now, I take what I want in return” when both the lead characters are united.

Lord is known for mind control in the comic so it could be possible that he is just offering what Diana wants to soothe her mind in return she would have to do something for Lord.

  1. Riding using lightning

The daughter of Zeus has been seen in comics flying with lightning and the same has been created in the movie as shown in the trailer.

  1. The antagonists

Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig are playing two of the main antagonist of the sequel named Maxwell Lord and Cheetah respectively. Maxwell Lord is a businessman and he possesses some kind of mind-controlling power so he could be behind the appearance of Trevor after 60 years. Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva who is then transformed into cheetah is another foe of the superhero in the film.

So these are some of the important things that need to get attention from the Wonder Woman 1984 first trailer. Some more details about the story and more things will be rendered in the second trailer after a few months and we will be here to break down all the things in it.

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