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The Future of Online slots: What Lies Ahead

The Future of Online slots: What Lies Ahead

Slots have significantly evolved over the past few years. The advancement in technology has paved the way for online versions of the games. Before online slots, players used to play on attractive and straightforward slot machines in a typical casino.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, online slots now constitute over 70% of online casino games. There are many advantages of online slots. You tend to get better promotions, convenience, privacy, 24/7 online support, to mention a few. There is a lot more to come from online slots. Let us take a sneak peek into the future of online slots.

Better sound and graphics

Casino games’ sounds and graphics keep on improving every year. They focus more on offering players a more engaging audio-visual experience. Of course, it is the gaming industry where sounds and graphics play a vital role in creating a lasting experience. The better the graphics and sound quality, the better the gaming experience. Graphics is determined by display resolution, texture quality, anti-aliasing, bloom, among others. The prime determinant of the sound quality is fidelity, sound rendering, acoustic transparency, etc. There is a possibility of scaling up the graphics and sounds to the next level in the future, as electronics get even better.

More Paylines

Paylines otherwise known as win or bet lines refers to a winning combination of icons that runs through all online slots. The number of paylines depends on the number of reels. Payline is made up of trio matching symbols or icons. However, when more reels and rows are added, the payline gets boosted. The classic slot with 3 rows and 3 reels will have one payline running horizontally across the center. A few years ago, slots had only one payline. More reels and more rows guarantee more possible paylines. There is a high possibility of slot developers increasing paylines to attract more players.

Virtual reality online slots

Virtual reality, otherwise known as VR, refers to a three-dimensional computer-generated environment. Computer technology is used to create the stimulated online slot environment. There is a lot to look forward to in terms of the future of VR in online slots. What makes virtual reality online slots unique is that all visuals of a real casino are delivered from the comfort of any place. One challenge has been that VR headsets have always been available, albeit a bit expensive. The good thing is that the cost of VR technology is now going down, faster!

This increased affordability of VR devices means more enthusiastic players will start buying them. VR will enable these players to leave the two-dimension casino games on computers and upgrade to a three-dimensional virtual online slots world. The excitement of playing the game of slots next to your friend who is miles away is a thrilling experience.

Better social experience

Unlike other games, slots are considered to offer a solitary playing experience. Enter online slot gaming and the social interaction possibilities are unlimited. The implementation of focused chat rooms, leaderboards, and scoring systems boosts the live interactions between players. Casino experts have found that senior players do not mainly play for money, rather they value communication and experience.
Friends can play virtually side by side and converse while playing. This improves the social aspect of the slots game. Research has shown that 60% of one-time deposit players continue to play for fun after payment. All they want is communication, a good time playing and enjoying the game. That old-school social aspect of the slot game is vital. We expect that many casino games developers will strive to advance the platforms to improve the social aspect of online slots.

Improved payment methods

There are various methods by which you can deposit and withdraw money from online slots sites. The commonly used methods are debit cards, prepaid cards, E-wallets, bank transfers, cash, and cash alternatives. In online slots, there is a net deposit rule. The rule states that you can only cash out via the same deposit method used. The net deposit rule was crafted to prevent money laundering. Cryptocurrency is the latest form of payment taking over the world. The use of cryptocurrencies is becoming a preferred choice by many players in gaming. The approach is far more secure plus it gives users anonymity as they enjoy gaming!

More Skilled-based gameplay

The slots are straightforward to play. The game involves three steps; you place your bet, press the play button, and hope for the best to win. Some players prefer learning how a game works, increase their knowledge and improve their chances of winning. Your understanding of the slot game doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of winning with the current state. You win by luck. The most significant advantage of skilled based online games is that players get a chance to win big based on their skills other than luck. There is a possibility of developers adding more features to include those skill-based play.

Wrapping up

The future of online slots is so huge, unlimited, and exciting. Slot games have always provided an easy, engaging, and relaxing experience to its lovers. Add this to new tech, and the future of online slots is brighter!


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