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The Green Lantern Corps are Replacing DC’s Justice League

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With all of their members, the Green Lanterns are basically their own superhero team, and in a new comic, they’re forming their own Justice League.

Warning: contains spoilers for Justice League: Last Ride #1

Though they’re an intergalactic force, DC’s Green Lantern Corps has often worked hand-in-hand with the Justice League to protect Earth. Given the sheer number of humans who have joined the Corps, it’s no wonder that the League often sees more than one Lantern join their ranks. In fact, there are so many human Green Lanterns that, in a new comic, it’s been revealed that they are looking to become Earth’s sole protectors, making them the world’s new Justice League.

In Justice League: Last Ride #1 from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Miguel Mendonca, the Justice League’s members have drifted apart after Martian Manhunter’s death. As a result of this, Superman is forced to stretch himself thin, having no time for his personal life as he is continually left to solve crisis after crisis. After years of protecting the world as individuals, the former Justice League is called back to the JLA Watchtower by Green Lantern John Stewart. The members trickle in and are initially happy to see each other, but all that changes when Batman arrives. He demands to know why they’ve all been summoned, which is when John Stewart arrives with the most-wanted person in the galaxy; Lobo.

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With the help of Green Lanterns Kilowog and Jessica Cruz, John Stewart escorted Lobo to the JLA Watchtower. He reveals that Lobo will be going on trial for his various crimes, including killing the New Gods. The Green Lanterns have been a mess for years, and successfully protecting someone like Lobo from all the people who want him dead would reestablish them as a major force. Hal Jordan wants to then use that boost in support to make the moon into a New Oa, reestablishing the Corps with Earth as their central base. If the Justice League can protect Lobo and help the Green Lanterns, then the Green Lanterns will become the world’s guardians, making them the Earth’s new Justice League.

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While none of the Green Lanterns outright say that they’ll be forming a new Justice League, if everything goes as planned, then that’s exactly what the Green Lantern Corps will become in everything but name. If it were any other group of heroes, it would be difficult to believe that they could replace the League, however, the Green Lanterns are exactly the force to do it. The Green Lanterns have enough members and enough power to protect the Earth from its deluge of threats.

Still, it’s important to remember that this is clearly a different Green Lantern Corp than the one readers are familiar with. Something happened to the Corps to delegitimize them to the rest of the universe, so they’re already facing an uphill battle in reestablishing their name. It might be tough, but if anyone can replace the Justice League then it’s the Green Lantern Corps.

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