The Homelander Is Murdered by This Character in ‘The Boys’ Comic Book Series

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Spoilers for The Boys forward!

A vile superhero with zero respect for ethics, the legislation, or simply about any code of conduct? That is The Homelander in a nutshell. 

The antagonist of The Boys embodies every thing standard comedian e book characters like Superman or Captain America struggle towards. From acts of sexual abuse to murdering the vice chairman of the U.S., there’s nothing the vile legal would not do. 

So, it is no surprise some followers are eagerly awaiting his demise on display screen. How does he die within the comedian e book sequence? 

The Homelander dies a grisly demise within the authentic ‘The Boys’ comedian sequence.

A vital quantity of the comedian e book sequence, “The Innocents,” plunges The Homelander into a kind of disaster even he feels fazed by. 

After receiving just a few photographs that present him conducting essentially the most sickening crimes fathomable, The Homelander finds himself within the midst of an excruciating psychological well being disaster. 

Why? Alas, he would not bear in mind committing any of the acts proven. Unable to work out how the photographs might have been made, he begins to query his notion of actuality.

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Based on Fandom, the invention finally leads The Homelander to stand up to much more odious deeds. As to his most apocalyptic act? Drunk on a potent mixture of sadism and megalomania, The Homelander decides to hijack a Christian conference for superheroes and followers, and recruit a gaggle of individuals eager to struggle for Vought-America, a gaggle opposing the U.S. authorities and the army. 

“Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Males” revolves across the coup d’etat he orchestrates. In it, The Homelander leads his staff of superhero recruits to invade the White Home, earlier than continuing to decapitate Vic the Veep, the previous CEO of Vought and the vice chairman of the U.S. 

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Nevertheless, his victory is short-lived. He’s quickly joined by his lifelong nemesis, Billy Butcher, and the mysterious Black Noir. The latter seizes the uncommon alternative to take away his masks — and reveal that he was cloned after The Homelander. 

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The revelation comes as an infinite shock to everybody within the room. The Homelander would not must query his sanity any additional or try and string collectively a coherent clarification for a way he dedicated the horrid crimes. What’s extra, it additionally helps him refute the long-standing allegation that it was he who raped and killed Billy Butcher’s spouse. 

Sadly, the story would not finish all that nicely. Having realized that he was repenting for the hideous deeds dedicated by Black Noir all alongside, The Homelander solely sees one applicable response to the massive unveiling. 

The 2 begin a vicious struggle, and Black Noir is the one to come back out successful. He murders The Homelander on the spot, letting him bleed out in The Oval Workplace. 

Thankfully, nonetheless, Billy Butcher is ready to flip the scenario round and take much-needed revenge on Black Noir for gravely harming his spouse — and he manages to kill him. In the meantime, the remainder of the group is dispersed by the U.S. army. 

Season 2 of The Boys arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, Sept. 4.

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