The Internet Remembers a Robber Emoji, but Apparently It Never Existed

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Largely, Twitter customers are drawing what they keep in mind. Apparently sufficient, everybody appears to recollect the identical emojis. It’s potential that as quickly as one individual noticed another person’s sketch, they clung on to that picture — however nonetheless. With this many individuals remembering the elusive emojis to exist, it’s unusual to suppose they might have simply evaporated from the digital ambiance.

After scouring the Apple emoji evolution from 1997 to 2018, we couldn’t discover the robber emoji anyplace. May it have simply not existed? Or was it quietly deleted with no hint, for seemingly no cause? (Besides possibly for the explanation of not glorifying being a robber, however come on.) 

Sorry, people. Appears like that’s so far as we’ll get for now. Except Nameless desires to become involved. 

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