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The Main Characters, Ranked By Fighting Skill

Army Of The Dead Best Fighting Characters

While Army Of The Dead has a lot of emotion pushed into it, particularly with the father and daughter relationship between Scott and Kate Ward, the true enjoyment comes from the fighting. Seeing the various characters battling against the zombies is something that people watch the movie for, and the group all bring a fantastic amount of quality.

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They all have completely different skills and some of them are stronger than others when it comes to being able to take down different types of zombies. They’re all able to try and survive as best they can, but out of the main characters, who is the strongest fighter?

10 Ludwig Dieter

Matthias Schweighofer as Dieter in Army of the Dead

Ludwig Dieter is one of the greatest characters in Army Of The Dead, but when it comes to the fighting aspect of the movie, he’s certainly the weakest. Ludwig isn’t brought into the group for his fighting skills, as he is the safecracker who is expected to get through the vault to get all of the money, although he does come out with some hilarious one-liners.

Ludwig is scared of the zombies and doesn’t do much fighting throughout the movie. Instead, he often stands behind others, and even when he does make a kill, he celebrates it with major excitement, which isn’t the case for everybody else and it shows just how inexperienced he is in that regard.

9 Marianne Peters

Marianne readies chopper in Army of the Dead

Much like Ludwig Dieter, Marianne Peters isn’t in the group to kill zombies. She’s picked up to be the getaway driver due to her helicopter flying skills as she is the pilot. Because of that, her fighting skills aren’t really showcased, however, she is certainly stronger than Dieter.

The main reason for that is purely how confident she is. Unlike Dieter, Marianne isn’t scared of everything and has no problem in dealing with the zombies, including when one is literally in her helicopter as she tries to fly the survivors out.

8 Kate Ward

Kate Ward Army of the Dead

Kate Ward isn’t originally supposed to be going into Las Vegas, however when she learns that her friend has headed in she takes it upon herself to go and find her. Scott spends all of her time trying to look after her because Kate isn’t a natural fighter, and she is shown to be very fearful of the zombies.

However, she has no problem in confronting different humans, which includes her punching Lily in the face before they even head in. While she is scared of the zombies, when she is face to face with them without protection, Kate does step up and fight against them, showing great aim and proving she can fight.

7 Chambers

Chambers holding a gun in Army Of The Dead

Chambers is, unfortunately, one of the first to fall in Army Of The Dead, however, she certainly goes out fighting. There are several moments where all hope appears to be lost for Chambers, yet she continues to pop back up and showcase great fighting skills to survive.

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She’s athletic and has the ability to work with both guns and swords, helping her to stand out within the group. Chambers is more than confident holding her own and when it comes to the fighting aspect, she’s certainly one of the best.

6 Martin

Garret Dillahunt as Martin in Army of the Dead

Martin is someone who a lot of the group aren’t sure about due to the mystery that surrounds his character, and it does turn out that he’s trying to betray them overall. However, when it comes to fighting and trying to survive, he is very skilled.

Martin is confident within himself and while that does border on arrogance, he is talented with a gun in his hand. He’s able to take down enemies from a distance due to his terrific aim, and while his background isn’t fully explained, he is one of the stronger fighters.

5 Mikey Guzman

Guzman hit by attack in Army of the Dead

Mikey Guzman is quite an unorthodox member of the group because he seems to relish actually being in Las Vegas. He spends a lot of his time going into the area on his own back to create viral content, finding zombies, and killing them for fun, which is why he gets taken in as a member of the group overall.

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However, he is a fantastic fighter. Mikey heads into any fight with confidence, attacking every zombie in his way and loving every moment of it. Mikey is great in a gunfight and somebody that everyone else can trust, which is crucial in this situation.

4 Maria Cruz

Maria Cruz walking with a gun in Army Of The Dead

Maria Cruz was part of the initial outbreak in Las Vegas, and she becomes one of the heroes of America for taking down zombies and helping others survive. Because of that, she has a natural instinct to stay alive and has no problem handling herself within Las Vegas a second time.

She’s one of the strongest members of the group when it comes to fighting the zombies and trying to keep herself going, with great aim and reflexes. Maria is also great at telling others what to do, instructing people and watching their backs, showing just how confident she is.

3 Vanderohe

Vanderohe lifts saw in Army of the Dead

Vanderohe is another character that was involved in the early outbreak and is seen as a hero from that time period. He’s powerful and strong, having no problem battling any type of zombie that comes in his way. That is showcased by his choice of weapon as well, given that he uses a huge saw instead of a traditional gun.

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This means that he has to get a little more up close and personal when it comes to taking down his enemies. Because of that, he has to be very brave in order to be confident in actually killing them, which is something that he does well at.

2 Lily (The Cayote)

Nora Arnezeder as Lily in Army of the Dead

When it comes to being inside Las Vegas after the zombie outbreak, Lily is one of the most experienced. She sneaks people in and out of the area and because of that, she knows how to navigate the area and what she has to do in order to survive.

She’s brilliant when it comes to taking down enemies as well, showcasing no remorse and fantastic accuracy when it comes to shooting. This is something that helps make her one of the stronger members of the group, which is why she often takes command.

1 Scott Ward

Scott Ward shooting in Army Of The Dead

Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) is the greatest fighter out of everybody in the group, which is why he’s given the role of a leader. When the initial breakout takes place, Scott is one of the heroes that help to get people out, showcasing calmness under pressure and amazing ability with a gun.

When he goes back with the group, Scott is once again the greatest fighter. He is able to take down the zombies confidently, destroying everyone in his way. Scott is great at protecting other people, showcasing great skill throughout the entire movie.

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