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The Most Weird & Ridiculous Ones So Far

Kingdom Hearts Mods The Most Ridiculous Ones So Far 1

Kingdom Hearts 3 was released for PC in March 2021, and it didn’t take modders long to add many weird and strange mods into KH3’s already wacky world.

Kingdom Hearts 3 came to PC in March 2021, and for the first time in the franchise’s nearly 20-year history, players were finally able to introduce one particular gameplay feature they’ve been waiting for: mods. As expected, the Kingdom Hearts mods quickly got a little out of hand.

The Kingdom Hearts series was PlayStation exclusive for the majority of its lifetime, only being ported to Xbox in 2020. These and the Kingdom Hearts PC ports seem to be part of an attempt to make the series more accessible to new fans, combining the various games of the series into multi-game packages and enabling new players to easily experience the franchise as a whole.

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Given the inherent ridiculousness of Kingdom Hearts‘ premise – a crossover between the Final Fantasy games and Disney properties – the series is a natural canvas for creative and inventive modding. And with so much untapped potential, it didn’t take fans long to get started. The game was only recently added to PC, so Kingdom Hearts modders haven’t had much time to really do more beyond scratching the surface – but already there are some very unusual mods that have been released.

Ridiculous KH3 Mods: Family Hearts Kingdom Guy

Ridiculous Kingdom Hearts 3 Mods

If players are finding themselves bored of Kingdom Hearts 3‘s menu screen, they can give it a new overlay, courtesy of DemurerFire’s Family Hearts Kingdom Guy Main Menu, which simply replaces the menu’s standard artwork with characters from the television series Family Guy.

Ridiculous KH3 Mods: Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Ridiculous Kingdom Hearts 3 Mods PC

Rather than face down Luxord’s playing cards in battle, players now have the option to challenge him to a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel by downloading DemurerFire’s Yu-Gi-Oh Cards mod.

Ridiculous KH3 Mods: Drip Sora

Ridiculous Kingdom Hearts 3 Mods PC

If players are looking to give Sora a fresh new look, they need search no further than junior0438’s Drip Sora mod, which – according to its creator – exists solely to give KH3 Sora “mad drip.”

Ridiculous KH3 Mods: Play As Waluigi

Ridiculous Kingdom Hearts 3 Mods PC

As the title would imply, aboy53’s Play As Waluigi mod lets the player transform from Sora into Waluigi, complete with a tennis racket as a weapon. Although he has no facial animations as of yet, the mod does replace nearly all of Sora’s battle quotes with Waluigi’s iconic “WAH!

Ridiculous KH3 Mods: Comically Large Frying Pan

Ridiculous Kingdom Hearts 3 Mods PC

SputnikMan123’s Comically Large Fryingpan mod adds just that: a comically large frying pan for Sora to wield in place of his iconic Keyblade weapon. The mod even includes a new command deck to accompany it.

This selection is by no means comprehensive, as there are already nearly 400 mods on the game’s Nexus page. As time goes on, it’s more than likely that players can expect to see even stranger mods emerge from the Kingdom Hearts 3 community as modders showcase their creativity and sense of humor.

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