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The Office Characters Ranked From Least To Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games


Very few characters in The Office are competent enough to make it out of The Hunger Games in one piece. The sitcom gets its laughs from just how incapable the workers are, despite them all being in an environment that requires little exertion and work ethic.

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Because of the ridiculous situations the employees of Dunder Mifflin get themselves into, it’s difficult to imagine that any of them would be prepared to survive off the land and fight to the death in the arena. But there are a few characters who have displayed their outdoorsy side and might fare better than others.

10 Michael Scott

the office

There’s episodic proof that Michael Scott would never survive by himself in the wilderness, let alone fend for his life against trained assassins. When Michael goes to the woods and tries to do his own version of Survivor, he almost eats poisonous mushrooms.

Dwight’s interference is the only thing that saves him from possible death. Michael isn’t coordinated in the slightest, and an environment that requires him to be stealth would be his downfall.

9 Kevin Malone

The Office Kevin Malone dumbed-down

Kevin’s lack of common sense would prevent him from getting past the Cornucopia. There’s no doubt that he would end up as one of the bodies in the bloodbath after going for an item that wouldn’t help him in the slightest.

In all likelihood, he would be killed before Michael, but The Office provided solid proof that Michael would never make it on his own. It’s always possible that Kevin could find a hiding spot and make it longer than expected, but his survival would be based on dumb luck rather than skill.

8 Kelly Kapoor

Kelly would enjoy the comforts of the Capitol at first and bask in the spotlight and the glory. Victors are treated like royalty before they’re sent into the arena and Kelly loves to be the center of attention.

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If she was able to make it to the woods after the games begun, her only choice would be to hide from the other tributes. Kelly’s also known for talking a lot and complaining constantly, even if no one’s listening, and her need to think out loud would give away her location in a heartbeat.

7 Jim Halpert

Jim isn’t as intelligent as the show paints him out to be. In reality, he’s just smarter than a lot of his co-workers, which is a pretty low bar.

He’s helpless to defend himself, and Dwight had to come to his rescue when Pam’s ex stormed into the office ready to teach him a lesson. He would get farther than a handful of the characters because he has the common sense that others lack, but he has no way to protect himself against his enemies.

6 Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez gives an awkward smile to the camera

Like Jim, Oscar is one of the few people in the series that has common sense. He’s also pretty intelligent, and his work ethic seems to be just a little bit stronger than most of his co-workers.

There’s not much to go off of based on his physical abilities, but Oscar is portrayed as someone who would defend himself if he was under attack. It’s up in the air whether or not he’d be able to overpower the other tributes, but he has a better chance of survival than some of the other characters.

5 Pam Beesly

Pam wouldn’t stand a chance in The Hunger Games in the first few seasons of The Office because of her inability to stand up for herself. She let everyone, including Michael, walk all over her and boss her around. Her relationship with Roy was toxic, and Pam didn’t have the freedom to make her own choices.

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But Pam had the best character development out of everyone in the sitcom, and she eventually stopped letting people tell her how to live her life. She spoke up when the situation called for it and even went off on Michael more than once. Pam can be cutthroat when she wants to be, and that would transfer over to the arena.

4 Andy Bernard

the office

Andy Bernard wouldn’t be able to compete against trained assassins, but if he was pitted against the other characters of The Office, he’d have a decent chance of survival.

Andy’s anger issues cause him to become violent, and nothing would make him angrier than a bunch of people trying to kill him on national television. Whether or not he has the means to defend himself is up for debate, but his morals wouldn’t be an issue and he would have no problem murdering others if it meant he would live.

3 Angela Martin

Angela may be small in stature, but she makes up for it in other ways. She’s not a trained athlete, but she possesses much more power than anyone could expect. Angela tells it like it is and always stands up for herself. Despite being soft-spoken, she always speaks her mind.

There’s a reason why she and Dwight were such a good match, as Dwight was drawn to her fire. There are several ways her personality could give her an edge in the arena, and she’s not someone that is easy to mess with.

2 Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton (The Office)

The theories that Creed was the Stranton Strangler certainly didn’t come out of thin air. If Creed had turned out to be a serial killer, no one would have batted an eye. His creepiness made everyone around him uncomfortable, and his stories ab0ut his life are chilling.

Creed didn’t show much emotion, and he was relatively unfazed by everything around him. Although his past is fuzzy and there’s no way of knowing how many of Creed’s claims are true, he has a very dark side to him that would go wild when placed in a lethal environment.

1 Dwight Schrute

There’s no doubt that Dwight would win The Hunger Games by a landslide. He would volunteer to go in the arena to prove that he could outsmart his enemies. Dwight knows how to live off of the land, and can easily make use of any weapon and find shelter.

Instead of hiding, Dwight would seek out his enemies and would align more closely with the careers than any other tributes. However, he would never team up with them, as he’d be determined to win on his own as a lone wolf.

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