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The Priest Movie

There have been only a few shows in the short history of online television platform that has taken the craziness of the show to the whole new level. The anticipation of the audience makes the program popular amongst themselves as well as in the near touch and locality of a particular person. People post the program related stuff on social media, indirectly marketing the show as well.

The Priest

“The Priest” is one of such movies which have attracted a lot of attention nowadays in teenagers as well as adults. The show is going to be released on 14th April on Amazon Prime Video and the excitement can be easily seen on the official handle of the show and the director’s twitter’s handle.  The film revolves a person whose profession is of a software engineer from Kerala. That person is forced by his family to search a fiance for his cousin. Later it unfolds in the story that the so-called “fiance” commits suicide as the story progresses. The genre is really appreciated and fascinated in almost all parts of the world.

The Priest Movie

The movie has been lead by Manmooty, who has been looking amazing in the trailer. He is a well talented and highly qualified actor who has experience of a varied amount of genres and background. In the movie, Mammootty will be playing the character of a father.  The film is directed by Jofin T Chacko. The other lead roles have been handled very well by Rosahn Mathew and Darshana Rajendran.

The story of the movie “The Priest” revolves around a murder mystery which later on goes to be solved by the Priest and Police itself. Later they get involved in another case. The co-actor Warrier stated that he loved working with Manmooty as the experience and time that he has invested in film shooting line that just working with him gives him a great experience. He also stated that it going to be a good idea for turning the profits in while just launching it on the OTT platform.

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The star cast of the movie “The Priest” is legendary in its own terms. It involves two legit generations who act as the same father and son in front of the camera. The star cast involves the lead Manmooty and many more. The leading cast has supported the movie very much as it is a quite evident in the public that the lead actor or the lead actress attracts a lot of audiences.

The movie is not available to download on a free movie download site, you will have to watch it on amazon prime only.


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