‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ Fans Want to Know Where the Heck Gilthunder Is At

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When it was revealed that TSDS can be getting a fourth season featured on Netflix, followers have been rejoicing, however there have been numerous individuals who have been questioning in the event that they’d lastly get to see extra of Gilthunder in this system. 

Viewers have been left guessing the place he was for just about all of Season 3, and folk needed to know if he’d be making a reappearance in Season 4.

And whereas I will not spoil all the things about Season Four on this article, there does not appear to be any point out of Gilthunder within the present’s newest season or an evidence as to what occurred to the knight.

The final we have heard of Gilthunder was in Season 2 Episode 23 when it was revealed that “Gilfrost” was simply Vivian in disguise.

Vivian had apparently kidnapped Gilthunder and that is the final time we ever hear of the beloved Holy soldier. Since The Seven Lethal Sins is ridiculously fashionable, there is a good likelihood that there will probably be a fifth season. 

It might be that Gilthunder could come again later down the road as perhaps some form of “brainwashed” villain. The beloved, cool character is bound to get a optimistic rise out of followers if he does certainly return.

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