The Top Hollywood Stars Who Look for Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

Navigating your way through the crazy world of showbiz is not always easy, and many celebrities feel the need to hire whole teams of helpers and advisers to manage their busy routines. Life in the spotlight can bring a lot of pressure, stress and anxiety, and to combat this, some very famous people turn to the spiritual world for guidance. But which ones? Well, here are just a few members of the Hollywood elite who have reached out to the psychic realm to help steer their way through life.

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Brad Pitt

The star of smash-hit movies such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Ad Astra, Fight Club and Seven first starting consulting psychic Ron Bard in 2002. The latter became a trusted advisor and even warned Pitt that his marriage to Angelina Jolie would fail. Pitt was introduced to Bard by Jennifer Aniston and initially used him for business advice but the psychic later predicted Pitt’s breakup with Aniston and became more involved in personal matters. It has been reported that Jolie did not approve of Bard’s friendship with her husband and tried to break communications between the two. Much earlier in his career, Pitt had used tarot card readings to help him build confidence as an actor. Tarot readings offer many people an insightful way of gaining clarity on life, highlighting important events or situations that may lay ahead. The mystical nature of the card draws the attention of many interested in gaining insight into the present, past and future. Pitt’s interest in spiritual guidance seems to have been present throughout his adult life.  

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Jennifer Lopez is another big name star who has used psychic reading to guide her through life. The singer has previously consulted with psychic mediums such as Merle Gonzalez, Jennifer “Jae Rae” Lamas and Thomas John. There were even reports that it was her meeting with Gonzalez in Los Angeles that caused her wedding to Ben Affleck to be called off. In her book True Love, Lopez revealed that she visited a psychic in Toronto in 2000 during the filming of Angel Eyes. He told her: “‘Going on tour will change your life. It will change everything about you.” He then began to cry, a moment Lopez described as “so intense, so unexpected, so weird.”

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George Clooney

The popular actor is known for airing his political views but less noted for his interest in psychics. However, we may have taken a clue from the 2004 movie, The Men Who stare at Goats, in which Clooney plays Lyn Cassady, a former secret US military “psychic soldier.” In real life, it is believed that the actor visited a psychic to reach out to his beloved pot-bellied pig, Max, who passed away in 2006. Clooney wanted to be sure that his pet companion of 18 years had found peace.

Other celebrities who have sought psychic advice include Stevie Nicks, Taylor Swift and Sarah Jessica Parker. Many psychics cater specifically for celebrities and many become famous in their own right. One of the best known was Kenny Kingston – who counted John Wayne, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Rex Harrison, Marilyn Monroe, Whoopi Goldberg and Greta Garbo among his clients.

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