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The Virus Video Game “Ndemic Creation” Getting High Demand Since the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Ndemic Creation

Since the sudden spread of Coronavirus outbreak the numbers of Coronavirus cases are increased, there is also a rise in Coronavirus like game Ndemic Creations. The designers of the Ndemic Creations’ Plague Inc. recently claimed that the number of players also suddenly increased following the Coronavirus break out in China which has killed 107 and infected more than 2700 people.

It has been eight years since the Ndemic Creations released, but when the Coronavirus suddenly started spreading in China, people started spending more time on the game to know more about the disease. But the game devs started advising the game is not the “clinical design” to know more about this virus.

The makers of Ndemic Creations wrote on the website that ” We particularly created the video game to be realistic and informative, while not sensationalizing major real-world problems,”

Also said “nevertheless, please remember that plague inc. is a game, not a scientific design and that the present coronavirus outbreak is a very genuine scenario that is impacting a wide variety of people. we would always recommend that gamers get their info directly from local and worldwide health authorities.”

The game is also about the fictional virus, bacteria or another pathogen and tries to spread it around the world. So the players can select how the viral infection spreads and what are the symptoms. Some of the players even said that it’s very tough to get the virus to spread to Greenland and Madagascar. Therefore, people are also making jokes that these two countries also will be safe from the Coronavirus.

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Talking about the Ndemic Creations, it was developed in 2020 only for mobile “as a tool to teach the general public about outbreaks and disease transmission.” But at the time of the Ebola outbreak in 2014, the number of downloads also risen 50%. So now also Coronavirus is the reason for the increase in several downloads.

The coronavirus has started spreading from the Wuhan City, China in2019 which is first assumed to be pneumonia, but later found that it’s a unique coronavirus.

One more important thing is the Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have created an online map that gives a real-time report every Coronavirus case along with the map.

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