There’s Plenty of Hope for a Sequel to ‘Enola Holmes’

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Enola Holmes 2 is unquestionably a chance, although it could be a few years earlier than it arrives to Netflix.

Contemplating the immense reputation of Millie Bobby Brown, it is by no means unlikely that the success of Enola Holmes will immediate producers to need to get began on a sequel. 

If it does occur, it is very doable that Enola Holmes 2 will choose up the place the primary half left off, probably adapting the second guide from Nancy’s collection, The Case of the Left-Handed Girl.

In keeping with PopBuzz, The Case of the Left-Handed Girl leads the eponymous Enola to try to discover Girl Cecily Alistair after she has disappeared from her personal bed room. The third guide, which might probably function inspiration for a 3rd movie within the collection, introduces the character of Dr. Watson and sees Enola use the “language of flowers” to try to discover him after he is gone lacking.

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