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Things You Should Know About Whatsapp “Forward” Message Feature

The popular messaging app, WhatsApp always comes with new updates so that the users can use it without any issue. However, when they do so, they don’t create a menace for others. It has a message forwarding feature that allows the users to forward the messages to someone else or in a WhatsApp group.

Once you share the message that is originally shared by someone, it gets labeled as forwarded. By that label, you can distinguish if it was an original or just a shared message. To reduce the chances of rumor spreading, WhatsApp now allows its users to forward a single message to 5 people or chats at a time.

WhatsApp also introduced features like “Forwarded many times” to help slow down the spread of viral messages, and fake news.

You will need to repeat the process multiple times to spread any kind of message.  And if the message has already been labeled forwarded many times, you can share that message only to one person or chat. WhatsApp lets you forward a message with up to five chats at a time. So, you will have to do the same again and again if you want to forward a message to a lot of users.

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The Facebook-owned company allowed you to also forward media, locations, or contacts, so you don’t have to re-upload them. The forwarded label is also a sign that the user that sent you the labeled message isn’t responsible for it.

In case you need to send a message to more than four people that has been labeled forwarded many times, you can use the copy option and paste it on their message thread. Once you have done it, you can send it to five people.

This makes it difficult to spread any kind of message, and if someone still wants to do it, as it is important, they have to go through the trouble of copy-pasting it.

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