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This Disturbing ‘Finding Nemo’ Theory Is the Darkest Plot Synopsis Ever

Over-analysis of movies and cartoons is a time-honored custom in geek tradition and it looks as if everybody’s obtained a idea. Often, the extra bubbly and joyful the flick, the extra “darkish” the speculation is. Like the truth that Aladdin is ready in a dystopian future the place magic guidelines once more after a nuclear fallout, or that the Harry Potter movies are literally good (sorry, simply needed to make some Potterheads mad). This Discovering Nemo idea claims to clarify what the film is admittedly about — and it is disturbing. 

What’s ‘Discovering Nemo’ actually about?

It would not be a Pixar film in the event that they did not simply go for the jugular proper firstly, aka the Bambi method. Discovering Nemo is not any totally different — viewers are welcomed to a wonderful world and we’re launched to lovable characters: Marlin and Coral. The clownfish couple are relishing of their newfound position as mother and father as they gaze upon the varsity of orange fishy infants that Mama gave start to.

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The factor about mom nature is that it is brutal. I imply significantly, there isn’t any yet one more savage than MN. She’s additionally answerable for the meals chain, which does not actually smile so fondly on little fishies like Marlin and Coral, or their kids.

It does not take lengthy for a barracuda to find the place the infants are being held. Marlin tries his greatest to guard them and lure the fish away however he is overwhelmed and knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, he discovers that his spouse and all his infants have been killed and eaten by the vicious fish, all besides one. A bit of clownfish by the identify of Nemo, who’s obtained one fin that is smaller than the opposite, aka his “fortunate fin.”

Film Fail nonetheless, alleges that Nemo does not exist in any respect. Marlin, in an try to return to grips together with his failure to guard his household, is overcome by insurmountable grief. Nemo is not an entity however moderately a psychological manifestation of all of Marlin’s fears and insecurities in turning into a father. The little man is not actual, and his “fortunate fin” represents the small glimmer of hope that Marlin has for making an attempt to dwell once more within the face of such adversity.

After the barracuda assault, Marlin, who’s joyful to boost his household in a pleasant neighborhood with loads of different pleasant fish, is totally unable to avoid wasting them from the wrath of the highly effective fish.

His journey to rescue his little fish is definitely a private journey for Marlin to beat his trauma, and the entire characters he meets on his quest assist him turn out to be much less and fewer paranoid.

The sharks present him that perceived threats aren’t all the time life-ending forces of nature, so worrying about each little factor is not any option to dwell life. The ocean turtles then train him that he cannot try to be in charge of each transfer he makes in life, that he shall be thrown curveballs and he ought to solely work on his response to these curveballs moderately than attempting to wrestle them into submission, as a result of it will not work.

Dory’s character appears to spotlight this theme. The blue fish suffers from short-term reminiscence loss, which means that she can’t maintain onto the trauma of her previous and even what she ate an hour earlier. This forces the happy-go-lucky fish to dwell within the second it doesn’t matter what. Marlin learns fairly presumably his greatest lesson from Dory: to benefit from the moments you will have as an alternative of worrying about each little potential menace.

Whereas there are total sections of the movie that target Nemo himself, it might simply be that these are delusions in Marlin’s head, very similar to the entire Tyler Durden scenes in Combat Membership or the loopy mentally conjured up situations in Black Swan. Additionally, the truth that “Nemo” means “no one” in Latin, the film is actually titled, “Discovering No person.”

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