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This latest device might help fend off smartphone addiction among users

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Tyas Sisianindita, a student at Indonesia University, spends around 8 hours per day scrolling through her phone. This time is inclusive of watching videos, social media usage, as well as chatting with friends. When asked, the student confirmed that she knows the fact that this is an addiction that needs to go away, but no one has been doing anything about it for quite long. She confirmed that she checks through her phone multiple times a day, starting from when she opens her eyes until she shuts them off at night before sleep. Not just that, she also checks the same during the class.

She also added that failing to fall asleep a night; she resorts to the use of phone late at night that extends even up to 5 hours. Tyas is a fellow at the University of Indonesia. This is the very same place where an observant team comprised of concerned students have recently developed a meaningful device that is meant to fend off the phone addiction.

After 3 months of intense research and planning, the students have successfully created a device that can help addicted users, such as Tyas, to substantially decrease the time spent looking through the content of their smartphones. Irfan Budi Satria, an inventor, was the one to lead the team into the development of the device.

Termed as Nettox, this device is a combination of two words, “internet” as well as “detox.” The device has been designed to be worn on the arm. It houses sensors inside it, which measures the oxygen levels in your hemoglobin. This is changed into a readable unit named HRV. As per studies, it has been noted that the use of a mobile phone that goes on for extended hours can actually lower the HRV levels. Nettox makes a particular sound when the oxygen level in the blood, along with the HRV, falls. This reminds the wearers to refrain from the use of their smartphones.

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For people aged between 18 & 24, the overall HRV needs to stay above the mark 60. This particular information comes straight from APA or the American Psychological Association. At the recent trials, the HRV readings for Tyas were measured at 44. Internet addiction has been known to be a growing issue, not just in Indonesia but across the world as well.

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