This ‘Simpsons’ Prediction for 2021 Has Viewers Stressing About What’s to Come

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‘The Simpsons’ depicted a doomsday in 2021.

The Simpsons depicted a grim 2021 in its Nov. 1 episode, “Treehouse of Horror XXXI,” its 31st Halloween particular. However don’t fear: Every Treehouse of Horror episode is supposed to be farcical!

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Within the episode’s chilly open, it’s Election Day in Springfield — with one marketing campaign signal supporting “Biden Harris,” one other pushing for “Trump Putin,” and a 3rd urging voters to “Elect Somebody Anybody.”

Marge tells Homer to get to a polling place if he cares concerning the three issues he cares about most — however as a substitute of picturing his three youngsters, Homer thinks about beer, donuts, and pretzels.

As soon as Lisa reminds Homer of “every part that’s occurred the final 4 years,” although, and as soon as Homer envisions a scrolling checklist of headlines concerning the Trump administration, he realizes he has to forged his poll.

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Sadly, Homer was solely dreaming about voting: He slept by way of Election Day. And when the motion cuts to Inauguration Day — Jan. 20, 2021 — we see that Springfield is an apocalyptic wasteland, with Homer sitting on his roof, sporting makeshift armor and holding a beer in a single hand and a rifle within the different. Homeland Safety robots roam the city, with one punting the aged Hans Moleman into oblivion. (“That’s what I get for voting for Kanye!” Hans laments as he flies by way of the air.)

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Lastly, the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse trip into the sky above Springfield, their flags studying “Pestilence,” “Famine,” “Battle,” and “Treehouse of Horror XXXI.”

Followers assume ‘The Simpsons’ additionally predicted the 2020 election.

On Twitter, Simpsons devotees have additionally glommed onto a 2012 episode that confirmed an election map strikingly much like the 2020 election map.

On the Simpsons election map, some states are crimson once they went blue in 2020, and vice versa, however followers nonetheless assume the verisimilitude is eerie. “Bro, The Simpsons actually [does] predict every part,” one Twitter person wrote.

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Others, nevertheless, aren’t so satisfied. “I imply, it’s fairly easy to foretell generally which ones are liberal or conservative states,” one individual tweeted. “I don’t blame The Simpsons for doing good analysis.”

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