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This ‘Snowpiercer’ Plot Point Has Fans of the Movie Scratching Their Heads

In the event you watched Snowpiercer, you in all probability determined to show it on for the next causes:

  1. You checked out Chris Evans’ or Tilda Swinton’s IMDBb pages.
  2. You’ve got received a bizarre affinity for trains.
  3. You have been into films from Korean filmmakers earlier than it was cool.

I heard concerning the film from a manufacturing assistant on a movie who gushed about it, which is called after the huge prepare all of it takes place on. And whereas I loved it, the one factor I puzzled was: Why does Snowpiercer circle the globe?

In the event you’ve by no means seen the movie this is the thin: It is set in a dystopian, post-climate change destruction world that has ushered in a brand new ice-age of kinds. It is rather trademark Bong Joon-ho, in that it blends sci-fi parts to ship a larger narrative. His 2003 flick, Memoirs of a Homicide was really about Korean Historical past, however managed to ship a very thrilling serial killer narrative. 

The Host was about American interference in Korean political affairs, one thing that dates again to the Korean battle, and was a raging field success in not solely its dwelling nation but in addition internationally as nicely.

So Snowpiercer was instantly snatched up by the Weinstein Firm for a global launch. It additionally helped that Chris Evans, Captain America himself, was the main man.

Supply: The Weinstein Firm

Chris’ character, together with a bunch of different socially-repressed people, are pressured to reside behind a prepare that is circling the globe — one thing they’re instructed is humanity’s final hope of survival. They’re systemically stored downtrodden and labored to the bone with a view to hold the prepare shifting. They’re fed “protein blocks,” that are principally simply floor up bugs and haven’t got the posh of fancy educations, cool digs, and gourmand meals.

The oldsters on the entrance of the prepare are the higher echelon of society, and the narrative incorporates a bunch of poor and abused working class folks combating to get to the entrance of the prepare as a result of they’re sick and bored with being slaves. They slowly study the reality about their oppressors and finally destroy the prepare.

Supply: The Weinstein Firm

So why does the Snowpiercer circle the globe?

Everytime you’re making a sci-fi flick, there must be a sure suspension of disbelief, however the extra “actual” you make the occurrences and fantastical world, the extra satisfying it’s for audiences.

Which might be why various eyebrows have been raised by viewers when given the reason for why the Snowpiercer prepare by no means stopped.

The “official” reasoning given by the bourgeois swine who run issues is that the prepare is a perpetual movement machine. 

Its fixed motion helps to transform snow into water which is significant for the survival of everybody on board. Additionally, if the prepare have been to cease, then everybody would freeze and die — not good, contemplating the world is totally lined in ice.

Nonetheless, the actual purpose is one thing that is fairly apparent, though not explicitly acknowledged, as soon as the film is over.

Supply: The Weinstein Firm

After the prepare’s engine is destroyed and everybody goes exterior of the prepare they uncover that whereas loads of the earth is roofed in snow, there are areas which can be positively liveable. There’s foliage and greenery. The precise purpose why the Snowpiercer by no means stops is as a result of it is simpler to manage the passengers within the again that means.

If the prepare is continually shifting, it isn’t like they’ll hop off and get to the opposite automobiles. This fashion, if issues are stored shifting, they’re going to must battle their strategy to the entrance, in just about a single file line towards their oppressors. Not one of the simplest ways to go about an rebellion.

Supply: The Weinstein Firm

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