TikTok Has Officially Discovered the Lesbian Masterdoc

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The Lesbian Masterdoc, which is titled “Am I a Lesbian? Masterdoc” is a 31-page Google doc cut up into eight helpful sections.

The primary explores the definition of “Obligatory Heterosexuality,” and the doc then goes into how one can know whether or not one is a lesbian, in addition to some conflicting emotions some masterdoc readers may need about males.

The Lesbian Masterdoc concludes with a helpful “You is likely to be a lesbian if TL;DR” part that highlights and bullet-points a number of key findings of the writer’s. 

These embrace factors like, “You want you have been a lesbian so you would escape the discomfort of relationship males,” “You’re feeling like you would stay with a lady in a romantic manner, even if you cannot think about doing something sexual with a lady,” and “You dislike being drawn to males generally.”

As of this writing, tens of 1000’s of younger girls say that the doc has helped them work out their sexual preferences. “Hiya guys,” one individual shared on Twitter on Dec. 16. “I spent all this morning studying the lesbian manifesto and the Am I a Lesbian? masterdoc and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m.”

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