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TikToker Dev Lemons Faces Backlash for Calling Chopped and Screwed “Slowed and Reverb”

Earlier than giving a lesson on the origins of a remixing approach, undoubtedly know what you are speaking about. Not too long ago, the TikTok account @songpsych posted a clip that defined what Slowed and Reverb means. “The Slowed and Reverb phenomenon refers back to the remixing model of which somebody will decelerate a music to wherever between 80 and 90 p.c velocity and manipulate the acoustic surroundings of the audio. One of many originators of this sound is the producer Slater,” Dev Lemons, who runs the account, lectures. 

Besides Slowed and Reverb already had a reputation, and that is Chopped and Screwed. And it wasn’t Slater who got here up with the sound, it was DJ Screw. 

Chopped and Screwed vs. Slowed and Reverb

Chopped and Screwed is the precise time period for the slowing down the tempo of music (and it is usually 60 to 70 p.c of the velocity, not 80 to 90 p.c). Chopped and Screwed additionally incorporates purposeful report scratching and stop-time, which supplies it the title “Chopped and Screwed.” Jia Tolentino, writer of Trick Mirror, dedicates a complete chapter to Chopped and Screwed and DJ Screw, explaining how Chopped and Screwed actually got here to be. “In 1989, [DJ Screw] hit the improper button on the turntable, and the tempo slowed to what would develop into his signature wooze,” Jia writes.

Jia described the model of Chopped and Screwed fairly completely, writing, “Chopped and screwed mimics the sensation you get from lean—a heady and dissociative safety, as if you happen to’re transferring very slowly towards a conclusion you don’t want to grasp.” Hear for your self right here:

Dev Lemons makes the argument that Slowed and Reverb is supposed to make a music sound extra somber, and he or she’s form of proper. However she misses out on among the cultural context. Chopped and Screwed was a method that slowed extra upbeat tempos down, making the music extra intimate. It additionally mimicked the sensation of getting excessive, particularly off opiates like “purple drank,” or codeine (additionally known as sizzurp or lean). 

Jia writes in her essay, “Screw was getting bodily heavier and slower, as if his physique had began working at his trademark tempo. He had develop into hooked on codeine cough syrup, also called lean.” DJ Screw truly died from a deadly overdose of codeine, marijuana, and alcohol when he was solely 29.

Now, Dev is getting some warmth for not doing her analysis. “Imma want you to remake that video. The originator of that is DJ Screw within the 90’s in Houston, Tx. I’ve watched my metropolis be gentrified. I wont let yall steal the sound,” one Twitter person stated.

Even Slater, the producer Dev Lemons cites as “one of many unique creators” of the sound, tweeted, “I’ll pay you $3,000 to have this scrubbed from the web.” Cringe.

He added, “for the report, i’m and what I created are 10000% impressed and influenced by dj screw as a result of that’s what i grew up on.”

Dev has but to make a correction, however hopefully she makes use of this as a possibility and educating second to study extra concerning the historical past of music earlier than she makes use of her platform to clarify it. 

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