TikTok’s Hanger Challenge Is Turning Heads — Literally!

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Because it seems, there’s some precise science to again up TikTok’s Hanger Problem (we had been shocked, too!). Apparently, there’s one thing often called the “hanger reflex,” which is an surprising rotation of the pinnacle when the “unilateral frontotemporal area” of somebody’s head is compressed by a hanger — that’s a flowery method of claiming some individuals’s heads flip once they put a hanger on them.

In a 2015 examine, researchers seen head rotation in 95.eight % of topics (they had been finding out 120 individuals between the ages of 19 and 65). The researchers used wire coat hangers of their experiment, whereas lots of people doing the Hanger Problem on TikTok seem to make use of plastic hangers — perhaps utilizing a wire hanger is a part of the trick?

Anyway, it appears as if the Hanger Problem may very well be legit and primarily based in actual science — who knew? In fact, the one technique to know for certain is to strive it your self. Clearly, don’t damage your self when placing the hanger in your head — no TikTok pattern is value inflicting your self precise ache!

Whether or not the individuals of TikTok are faking or truly testing out their hanger reflex, that is one pattern that we truly discover fairly darn fascinating. And, OK, sure, we’re gonna go search for a wire hanger and check out it ourselves, too.

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