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Tim Allen On Letting Go Of Last Man Standing & The Political Side Of Sitcom

Tim Allen on Last Man Standing

Allen opens up about the pain of letting go of Last Man Standing and the way the show pushed boundaries in its political discussions.

Tim Allen has opened up about his pain in letting go of Last Man Standing and about what the political leanings of the show looked like behind the scenes. Last Man Standing is an American sitcom that has been running for 10 years, boasting 9 seasons and nearly 200 episodes. Allen stars as Mike Baxter, the director of marketing for Outdoor Man, a sporting and hunting goods store. Baxter works to maintain his manly-man persona and staunch conservative views in a household of women (wife and three daughters) who sometimes tend to push back against his ideals and demonstrate to him the changing times.

It was announced that the iconic sitcom would come to a close at the end of season 9. The cancellation of the series was a mutual decision between Allen and Fox, after Fox picked up the series from ABC in 2018. Essentially, the show has run its course over the past decade, with many of the major characters exiting the show and a natural ending ensuing. The Last Man Standing series finale is set to premiere on May 20th, and it is, understandably, an emotional time for the cast and crew as 10-years of work come to a close.

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During a virtual panel for Fox’s press tour, Allen opened up about his feelings on letting go of Last Man Standing and the politics behind the show. Allen has taken the show’s ending very hard, stating, “I had health problems letting go of this one.” Allen went on to reveal that, besides Home Improvement and some parts of Galaxy Quest he has never enjoyed one of his jobs quite as much as he did Last Man Standing. Calling himself “a crazed man“, he boasted that he has a miniature replica of the Last Man Standing set in his home. Check out his quote below:

“To be very honest, I had health problems letting go of this one. It’s just been three or four weeks and I’m literally just feeling better. Never have I enjoyed, outside of ‘Home Improvement’ and maybe moments of ‘Galaxy Quest,’ one of these jobs. This crew, from the guy at the gate to Radford inside to people we ate with, I loved every second of this experience.”

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In his interview, Allen also touched on the politics of the show. Most of Baxter’s conservative views are used for comedic effect, such as his angst against sensitive vegan males or his Hillary Clinton rants. However, the show has also touched on some more serious topics such as gun control, feminism, and the role of the American government. In reference to the politics of the show, Allen admitted, “We really pushed it a little bit.” He reveals that the Last Man Standing cast and crew were a mixture of Republicans and Democrats, but what they had in common was that none of them liked being told what they should or shouldn’t talk about. He stated, “I loved that we all are the type of people who said, ‘Well, screw that – we’re going to talk about it anyway.'” 

As Last Man Standing draws to a close, it is heartwarming to see the love that Allen has for the show. His role in the sitcom is reminiscent of his role in Home Improvement, one that spanned years and was so iconic that fans automatically associate him with the character’s name. A seasoned actor with dozens of credits under his belt, it is also comforting to know Allen has felt such reward and joy in the work he has done with this particular show. Meanwhile, we hope his work in pushing the boundaries of politics in the show won’t be forgotten. The Last Man Standing crew sets a fine example of working together despite political difference and insisting on talking about topics that many movies and shows may be scared to discuss nowadays.

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