Tips To Join In With The Glamour Of The Horse Races.

Horse Races

There’s no doubt about how much glitz and glamour horse races attract, especially the races in Britain. The yearly events attract famous faces, celebrities, and even royalty, so yes, it’s okay to feel a bit jittery about attending one. However, horse races don’t have to be so nerve-racking when you know the basics; what to wear, what to bring, and where to go.

The truth is a simple mistake at the racecourse could cost you. The best way to avoid ‘sorry stories’ is to come prepared so you can enjoy every moment. Here are five tips to join in with the glamour of the Horse races.

  • Head to the paddocks.

This is one of the only opportunity bettors will have to see the racehorses before the competition begins. About 20 minutes before the race starts, the horses are paraded around the stadium, so bettors and attendees alike can check them out before placing their bets.

The view is quite intriguing as the magnificent horses in their full regalia strut accompanied by their jockey’s. After taking in the sights, head to any of the kiosks around the racecourse and fill out the betting slip at least ten minutes before the races start, so you don’t miss a second of the action. If you aren’t an avid bettor, many sites have guides to walk you through the more complicated bets, such as on TWE’s NAP bets you can have help.

  • What to wear?

Depending on the race you’re attending, the general dress code could matter. That means wearing ‘comfortable clothing’ like joggers, sneakers and T-shirts may appear a bit out of place and generally inappropriate. So, if you’re aiming for a high-class horse racing event, then it’s time to spend some $$$ on suitable apparel.

A nice, decent yet trendy dress would do for ladies, but it may have to be below the knee. It’s also best to come with fancy headgear like a hat, fascinator, or turban. For the gents, a nicely tailored suit would have you blending right in with all those who came ‘dressed to impress.’

  • Go to the information desk.
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There’s nothing smarter than getting the necessary information about the races and line-up of events for the day. Rather than feeling confused or rattled, get a program from the desk that provides the necessary information on the races, odds, restaurants, and side attractions.

  • Come early.

When attending a horse racing event, it may not be wise to come fashionably late. The earlier you arrive, the better. Going to the venue about an hour before will give you ample time to walk around and soak in the sights before the racecourse gets too busy. Plus, if you go with friends (which is better), there’d be enough time to take pictures as well as locate important places like the restroom, kiosk stands, vendor stands, and of course, the seating area as well.

Don’t forget to come with a pair of binoculars; the big screens may zoom in on the action, but bringing a pair would ensure you see every detail and focus on the horses you’re most interested in.

  • Come with enough cash.

First of all, it’s very important to budget your money before planning a trip to a horse racing event. Depending on the racecourse, you may have to start parting with some bills from when you arrive at the venue.

Some racecourses require paid parking, plus, there will also be a lot of drinks and local cuisine menus to choose from; it’s part of the thrills of attending such events. If you’re planning on placing in a bet, then think about the type of bet that suits your budget and stick with that.

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