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Tom Hiddleston Praises Chris Evans’ Impression Of Loki In Thor 2 Cameo

Chris Evans as Loki in Thor The Dark World

Chris Evans’ brief but memorable performance as Loki in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World has received a thumbs up from Tom Hiddleston himself.

Tom Hiddleston praises Chris Evans’ brief but memorable performance as Loki in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. Chris Hemsworth’s second solo outing as Thor arrived on the heels of The Avengers, which helped turn the MCU into a must-see franchise and only increased the popularity of Hiddleston’s Loki. Thor: The Dark World received mixed reviews from critics, making it one of the less beloved movies in the MCU. Nevertheless, it still featured some positives, mainly in the form of Loki and his usual brand of trickery.

A particularly beloved moment in Thor: The Dark World comes when Thor liberates Loki from his prison. As they walk through the Asgardian palace, Loki tries to rile Thor up by shape-shifting into a variety of figures, including Evans’ Steve Rogers. The brief moment features Evans, in full Captain America regalia, acting as Loki, who is in turn mocking Captain America. The gag was later repeated in Avengers: Endgame, when Loki turns into Steve in the aftermath of the Battle of New York.

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Ahead of his latest turn as the god of mischief in Disney+’s Loki, Hiddleston looked back one some of his most memorable MCU moments with EW. Naturally, he had to reminisce about Thor: The Dark World‘s Loki/Cap mix-up, which also saw Hiddleston briefly don the star-spangled suit for a screen test. Of that moment, he recalled, “[That] was a very strange and surreal moment, nevertheless enjoyable. So I got to feel whatever the feeling of wearing that suit [is], which is definitely a moment.” He continued, “Then, they played that footage to Chris, and he did his best impression of me doing an impression him, and he does it brilliantly.”

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Tom Hiddleston in Captain America costume Thor The Dark World

Loki is expected to get up to more shape-shifting shenanigans in his Disney+ series, which is only mere weeks away from its premiere. The show follows an alternate version of Loki who escaped with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, so it technically won’t be the same Loki who impersonated Captain America in Thor: The Dark World. Nevertheless, it will be exciting to get a story centered entirely on Loki. The character has come a long way in the MCU; in fact, Loki was supposed to die in Thor: The Dark World and remain dead. That Hiddleston is still around only shows just how beloved Loki has become.

Hiddleston’s performance as Loki is irreplaceable, but it is fun that Evans got to try his hand at playing the wily god. Steve Rogers is known for his honor and kindness, so it was hilarious to essentially see him strutting around like a narcissistic villain. Hiddleston clearly got a kick out of it too. Thor: The Dark World definitely got mixed responses from audiences, but it at least gave everyone that very memorable Evans cameo. That’s a win for sure.

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Source: EW

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