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“Tree House Master” assist with Ohio Bird Sanctuary project

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The Richland County tree house will double as a classroom and public walkway.

MANSFIELD, Ohio — The Ohio Bird Sanctuary is nestled deep within the Richland County woods. It serves as a place for birds to come and be revitalized back into nature.

Hoping to share the experience with locals and visitors, the sanctuary offers summer camps and educational classes to get people of all ages, helping them develop a stronger connection to with nature

“The primary mission is education and having people engage and have a passion about nature but, we also run a rehabilitation facility for injured and orphaned birds,” said Gail Laux, the executive director for the Ohio Bird Sanctuary.

The grounds were designed in a way to be completely accessible for everyone.

“A lot of people will just come day after day, and it’s very soothing,” Laux said.

From May 2013 to September 2018, the Nelson Brothers were the subjects of ‘Tree house Masters,’ a popular TV Show on the Animal Plant staring Peter Nelson.

“With the TV show we kind of learned trial by fire,” said Henry Nelson, Pete Nelson’s son.

While the show is no longer filming, the brothers are still constructing massive tree houses. Nelson told 3News’ Dominic Ferrante that the average cost of a tree house is approximately $200,000.

The tree house will double in functionality, doubling as a classroom as well as a public walkway.

“This tree house in particular is super special, it’s a classroom so that alone is so special,” Nelson said.   

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Crews are currently in the trees working to finish their masterpiece. Completion of the treehouse has a firm deadline of  August 18.

For more information on the Ohio Bird Sanctuary or update on its treehouse, click here. 

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary is located at 3774 Orweiler Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903

* Editor’s Note: The video in the player above is from the previous report. 

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