Tyler Oakley Just Announced He’s Taking an Indefinite Hiatus From YouTube

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One factor that made 2020 significantly tough for Tyler is that some individuals thought he needs to be “canceled” for being a landlord (the considering being that individuals who personal property and lease it out to others are immorally profiting off of individuals’s want for shelter). In September, Tyler addressed the controversy in a video entitled “Answering Questions I’ve At all times Averted.”

“I moved out of my previous place that was in my first residence, and once I moved out of it, I used to be like, ‘Ought to I promote it? Ought to I lease it? What ought to I do?’ I had at all times grown up renting homes, my dad and mom had been at all times, like, shifting home to deal with, so I at all times had landlords, didn’t actually give it some thought,” he stated. “So I rented that place out — I had a administration firm lease out simply that one unit — and didn’t suppose something about it.”

“After which this 12 months, I really feel like I realized so much about housing and the housing disaster in America, and renting and landlords, and the implications of being a landlord, and the ethical dilemma of selecting to be a landlord. And the extra I realized about all of that, the extra I spotted that, oh, that’s a complete system that’s problematic and parasitic and never useful towards the route that I would really like America to go. So I took what I realized and … determined to not be a landlord.”

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