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UAW president submits resignation post false accounting accusations

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Gary Jones, the President of United Auto Workers, resigned from his post on Wednesday. This was shortly after the union’s move to remove the position holder from the office. This move from the union came amid the widening probe of corruption from the United States prosecutors, mentioned a source from the union.

Bruce Maffeo, Jones’ lawyer, mentioned that this decision was completely based upon his existing belief that the continuation of his position will only distract the UAW union from achieving its prime mission that aims for the improvement of lives for its members as well as their families. However, the UAW spokesperson failed to confirm this resignation. Maffeo also refrained from responding to the repeated messages sent out by local media as well as Reuters.

To date, about 10 individuals have already pleaded guilty with regards to the connection with illegal payoffs that called in a criminal investigation. During the latter half of October, another official from the UAW was accused of embezzling 100,000 dollars in conjunction with a scheme that was informed to the media by a person who was familiar with the issue.

On Wednesday, charges were filed by the union under the bylaws mentioned against Jones. This happened when Jones had taken paid leave from his work early in the month of November. The charges accused him of misleading, false, as well as inaccurate documentation of expense records. Maffeo mentioned in his statement to Detroit News confirming that Jones’ decision for resignation from his post was something he had pre-decided prior to learning of internal charges that were filed by the United Auto Workers earlier today.

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The union also happened to file similar accusations and charges against Vance Pearson, the board member at UAW. In the month of September, Pearson was charged with a conspiracy to embezzle the union’s funds. N. Scott Rosenblum, the attorney, working for Pearson, failed to immediately comment with regards to the situation.

During the latter half of August, on-premise searches were conducted by the FBI at the suburban Detroit-based home of Jones’ along with various other locations. This widening investigation has eventually raised questions with regards to the United States government seeking a chance to take complete control of the UAW. Earlier during the month, Joseph Ashton, the ex-VP of UAW, was also charged with a conspiracy that associated him with money laundering as well as wire fraud.

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