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Unique, Trending, and Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards 2020

The Avengers Valentines Day Card

Whether you are a Harley Quinn, the Mandalorian, or the Witcher fan, it would be fun to have some great trending and nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards from these TV shows and movies. We know that it’s Valentine’s Day, and everyone is looking for some new ways to wish their beloved a unique Valentine’s Day. So here we are!

As know that Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate the love with your bae in a romantic way. So today, we have found some nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards based on some characters from the Mandalorian, Jean-Luc Picard, Harley Quinn, and, of course…a Witcher in a tub. Even if you are single, then you can also share this funny Valentine’s Day cards with your friends and family to have LOL on this love day. Here we have collected some latest collection of some amazing Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards design from Chelsea Beck’s art.

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Unique, Trending, and Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards 2020

Valentine’s Day Cards In the Mandalorian Way

Nerdy Valentine Day Cards Mandalorian
Text: “This is the way to my heart.” (Image: Chelsea Beck/Gizmodo)
Nerdy Valentines Day Cards 2020
Text: “I won’t let you slip away, Valentine.” (Image: Chelsea Beck/Gizmodo)
Harley Quinn, Nerdy Valentines Day Card 2020
Text: “Happy Galentine’s Day, or should I say Gal-in-Crimes Day?” (Image: Chelsea Beck/Gizmodo)
Nerdy Valentine Day Cards 2020
Text: “I couldn’t bear to lose you, Valentine.” (Image: Chelsea Beck/Gizmodo)
The Avengers Valentines Day Card
Text: “Our love is inevitable.” (Image: Chelsea Beck/Gizmodo)
Valentines Day Card 2020
Text: “You’ll always be my Number One.” (Image: Chelsea Beck/Gizmodo)
Witcher Valentine's Day Cards
Text: “You’ll be safe from monsters in here Valentine.” (Image: Chelsea Beck/Gizmodo)

Hope you enjoyed the post and about to share them with your loved once. If you have created any other trending Valentine’s day card, then feel free to comment below!

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