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Valheim Player Builds A Mountain Path That Goes Above The Clouds

Valheim Sky Mountains Biome Build

A Valheim player has managed to build their way up to the top of a mountain, possibly being one of the first to see the view from above.

Valheim player has managed to build a path in the snowy Mountains biome that reaches above the game’s clouds, an impressive feat in the crafting/survival game. It’s possible that the view from above the mountains has only before been seen by a small handful of dedicated players and the developers themselves, so this courageous builder was kind to their experience with the game’s online community. 

Valheim is an open-world survival game, based on Norse mythology and set in a Viking afterlife full of unique, Minecraft-like biomes. While still in development, there are story elements that can be followed and plenty of buildings to be made to aide in player survival. So far, players have been experimenting with the game’s engine, which exerts gravity on built objects, requiring some clever engineering to build large-scale creations. That hasn’t stopped expert players from building battleships, airships, tropical getaways, fortresses and more, but few have managed to build up high enough to reach the sky itself. 

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The skyscraping feat was accomplished by Reddit user borischung01 on the dedicated Valheim subreddit. There, they shared a video showing how their incredibly vertical, sprawling build snakes around a mountain pass and up into the atmosphere. It’s an impressive build overall, consisting of an entire mead hall or village’s worth of smaller locations on the long path up to the top. At the very summit rests a chest with crafting materials, and all around is the top of Valheim‘s thin cloud layer – which isn’t just a distant 2D skybox, as it turns out. In a comment, borischung01 revealed that they’re still considering what to build at the mountain peak.

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It is staggering to think of just how much wood was needed for this build, how many trees would have had to be chopped down and lugged all the wayup the mountain. Interestingly, the trail seems to be made of different types of wood along the way. In order to build, a crafting bench is needed, so in the video, crafting benches can be seen along the mountain pass. Gravity is also a concern, with support beams needed to keep the stairs from crumbling under its own weight. Halfway up the pass is a small hut, where players can rest before resting the summit and stop from freezing to death. The path goes so high that there aren’t even any enemy mobs, with only a single drake in the video which instantly dies from colliding with something off-screen.

This build is very impressive, especially that it was done ahead of the upcoming Hearth and Home update, which could have potentially made this trek easier. However, details on what the new update will bring are few and far between, but it will definitely be intriguing to see what creators like this build next in Valheim using the new tools at their disposal.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: borischung01/Reddit

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