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Valheim’s Concealed Jacuzzi Is The Perfect Rest For A Weary Viking

Valheim Hot Tub by IndianLanny

A pragmatic Valheim player has invented a clever concealed design for a hot tub located in a secret spot that awaits a weary adventurer.

An inventive Valheim player has invented a brilliant design of a concealed spa room with a hot tub, which is something a weary adventurer will find useful after a tiresome journey. A different approach to organizing a resting spot was demonstrated by another gamer who decided to build a whole retirement resort.

Having effectively beaten all the available content in Valheim, one player decided to celebrate the endgame portion by building themselves a place to retire. After locating the perfect spot on a distant island, the gamer took their time to make a simple yet cozy cabin with a homey interior. That’s one way to enjoy oneself after discovering all there is to experience in Valheim, although the player’s retirement resort could’ve greatly benefitted from a solution another pragmatic gamer came up with.

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On Reddit, a Valheim player named 16bitfighter shared a video showcasing a secret spot in their simple-looking Viking base located by the ocean. After taking a short tour across the cottage, the gamer unexpectedly removes all the clothing from their character, before sneaking into a hidden passage behind a tapestry. What’s revealed next is a concealed spa room with a cozy hot tub and a table full of yummy goodies. Needless to say, other players felt astonished by the clever concealed design of a Viking Jacuzzi, which serves as the perfect resting spot for a weary adventurer after defeating Valheim’s bosses. According to the author, the hot tub is located at sea level, which is exactly the same as the water table in the game. Since the house was already built at the right height, all the player had to do was dig down just a bit to reveal the water table and encapsulate the spa room in some walls.

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The current bizarre water physics in Valheim might be subject to change in the near future if a recent tease by the development team is enough to speculate on. According to one of the latest updates on the Steam Community, Iron Gate Studios is working hard on content and features included in the much-anticipated Hearth & Fire update. While the expansion doesn’t have a release date, the devs nonetheless shared a couple of sneak peeks at some of the included novelties. One such tease implied that functional irrigation canals could soon be implemented in Valheim.

The inability to empty a bucket of water in any desired place in Valheim is somewhat discomforting, but such a gameplay limitation is nothing more than a slight hindrance for inventive players. The fan community has already gone as far as implementing amazing floating structures, relying on Valheim’s peculiar and easily exploited physics. Basically, there are very few things, if any at all, that can’t be done in the game. When the indie hit title eventually receives new content, even crazier stuff will likely become possible for inventive Valheim players.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: 16bitfighter/Reddit

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