Valk nerfed, Newcastle and Maggie buffed for season 14 of Apex

Valk nerfed, Newcastle and Maggie buffed for season 14 of Apex

The favored legend Valkyrie is getting nerfed within the new season of Apex Legends, which releases tomorrow, whereas less-loved legends like Newcastle and Mad Maggie are receiving some huge buffs.

Within the patch notes for season 14 of Apex launched right now, Respawn detailed a sequence of adjustments that may barely lower Valkyrie’s effectiveness. The missile-spewing, jetpack-using recon legend may have all of her talents affected besides her scanning passives, which stay untouched. Most of those adjustments are minor, making them unlikely to persuade gamers to ditch the versatile and highly effective character.

Nonetheless, Valkyrie’s bounce jets will now speed up extra slowly and use 33 p.c extra gas. She can even be extra affected when hit within the air by gadgets and skills which have slowing results, although that’s hardly a typical situation. Maybe extra considerably, her missiles will not have a turning and aiming slowdown when enemies are hit by them. And although opponents will proceed to maneuver slowly when hit by Valkyrie’s missiles, the motion debuff was decreased in length. The missiles can even create smaller explosions, making it tougher for Valkyrie gamers to attach after they use the flexibility. Valkyrie’s final can be getting a nerf. Her Skyward Dive may have 25 p.c much less peak, making it barely much less helpful however nonetheless among the finest talents within the recreation.

Whereas Valkyrie’s adjustments received’t transfer the needle a lot, different legends have turn into extra viable and can possible appeal to larger choose charges going into season 14.

Newcastle leads the cost on this division, with buffs to his revive defend, tactical defend, and supreme.

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He’ll transfer sooner when he drags teammates out of hurt’s method, and the white and blue knockdown shields he makes use of may have 50 extra HP. His tactical defend is getting a 150 HP increase and can now transfer twice as quick when it’s deployed or redirected. Lastly, Newcastle’s final wall may have further punch when enemies hit its electrical barrier. Newcastle was already a robust legend regardless of his low choose price, and these adjustments make him much more viable for gamers who wish to give him a shot.

Mad Maggie is the opposite legend who received a major buff in these patch notes. The pace of her tactical drill was doubled, giving that potential way more utility for the common participant. Maggie’s final, her Wrecking Ball, has obtained a whole rework that guarantees to overwhelm defensive legends way more simply. The Wrecking Ball will journey twice as far and final twice as lengthy. Crucially, it’s going to now harm Newcastle and Rampart partitions, in addition to different destroyable talents like Loba’s Black Market. Better of all, Maggie’s final will now destroy Gibraltar’s dome outright, making good on her promise as a legend meant to counter the strongest defensive setups within the recreation.

Different legends obtained extra minor touches within the patch notes, however these three appear to be probably the most noteworthy. Valkyrie’s nerfs will in all probability have little impact, however look ahead to tons extra of Mad Maggie and Newcastle within the new Apex season beginning tomorrow.

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