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Varya Opens Up On All of Her Cosmetic Procedures


Varya can see which areas on her face need Botox. So, she has started treating them. Check out the pictures she posted with her cute specialist.

Varya Malina of 90 Day Fiance revealed that she recently had two cosmetic procedures because she wants to age nicely. She posted two pictures with her esthetician and shared the reason why she decided to have artificial procedures. The Russian native is known for her beauty and relationship with Geoffrey Paschel. However, it looks like she has moved on from her on-screen fiancé. Although Varya has been living in the United States for over four months now, she isn’t dating Geoffrey anymore. 

The 32-year-old beauty didn’t acknowledge her break up with him but posted a YouTube video of having a date with her new man. She also shared an Instagram post to promote that video. Varya said that she had a date in an Italian restaurant. She didn’t reveal the name of her date and only showed his hands in the video. It looked like Varya was enjoying her mystery man’s company a lot. She is now in Pensacola, Florida, to get her cosmetic procedures done. 

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The former RJ shared that she genetically has “loose skin.” She can look at her mom and imagine how she would in the future and see what “vulnerable places” she has. She wants to give more attention to those areas and treat them. Varya mentioned that she doesn’t want to freeze her younger-looking face or keep it that way forever. She aims to get “older naturally, BUT nicely.” She doesn’t want to cross the fine line with cosmetic and plastic procedures. That’s why it was important for Varya to collaborate with “a qualified clinic with great specialists.” 

She has found the best clinic, @restoreplasticsurgery, and a great specialist, Sean Kirby. Varya, who previously fueled pregnancy rumors, is already done with consultation and two procedures-Botox on her forehead, nose, eyes, and Halo hybrid fractional laser on her neck & chin. Varya posted a bunch of stories on Instagram, showing her treatment. The Botox injections didn’t look painful, and it was done pretty quickly. However, the hybrid fractional laser took some more time, and Varya was “sweating,” but still smiling during the procedure. 

She said she had the best “epic” experience. Most of Varya’s loyal fans are supporting her decision and sharing their knowledge of Botox. A fan said, “I love how you don’t hide anything that most celebrities would cover up.” Another fan wrote, “You’re beautiful, and whatever makes you more confident in your skin!” Many 90 Day Fiance viewers can notice unexplainable chemistry between Varya and her esthetician. She posted two pictures with him and wrote in the caption that his cologne had a “rich man smell.” Some fans think Sean is really cute, and the 90 Day Fiance alum Varya should find out if he is single. 

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