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Venom: Let There Be Carnage

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With movie releases being on hold for the past year, fans are more than excited to finally see the newest trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage hit the internet with full intentions of a huge and entertaining theatrical release. It’s been a long-time coming, and fans are bursting with thoughts.

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Of course, Twitter is home to a lot of hilarious, relatable, or honest opinions, and there’s certainly no exception when it came to reactions to this trailer. From some hesitation to fanning over Hardy and Harrelson to pure excitement, it’s time to look at some of the best reactions Twitter users offered.

10 Underwhelming?

Josh2Gud4U's Twitter reaction to Venom Let There Be Carnage trailer

After so much anticipation, there’s certainly a few folks on Twitter who found the trailer a bit underwhelming. While there’s certainly no shortage of excitement to see Hardy back at it and for Carnage to make an actual appearance, this user isn’t in the minority.

There really isn’t that much glam or suspense or excitement in the trailer. Will people still flock to the theatre to see it? Probably, but they might have a bit more hesitation knowing what the movie will actually entail.

9 Football, Most Importantly

Everyone on the internet has their eyes peeled for the most obscure of details, and the jacket Tom Hardy was wearing as Eddie Brock is certainly not something that was going to be missed by viewers.

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In fact, fans are either totally on board or totally not. This user, though, is like many and are applauding this little outfit choice with as much excitement for the Detroit Lions as they have for the actual release of this film.

8 Tom Hardy – That’s It.

If there’s anything that’s going to bring every fan into the theatres, it’s Tom Hardy. This talented and lovable actor is the Eddie Brock everyone needed, and they can’t wait to get another feature length film with him starring.

See Tom Hardy; see the movie. Like this Twitter user states, it really is that simple. It’s pretty hard to contain any excitement over this heartthrob, and this time, he gets to actually pair up properly with the symbiote.

7 A Lack Of Romance

There are actually a lot of fans on Twitter who have a lot of shipping dreams, from Carnage and Venom to Venom and Eddie to Eddie and Cletus. Of course, there was also a lack of Michelle Williams’ Anne, and a whole lack of romance in general.

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Despite who is shipping what, this user isn’t the only pointing out there needs to be a bit more love action instead of fighting action. However, no one knows what kind of romance is actually hit the big screen!

6 A Few Pointers

Not everything about a trailer can be perfect, after all. But this Twitter user was pretty succinct and spot-on in pointing out the flaws most people totally agreed with. The stunning and wonderful Michelle Williams is only given a brief flash in the trailer, which certainly isn’t enough.

Beyond that, fans were certainly said to not see more of the other characters, too, specifically the women in this flick. Of course, this brief trailer was only a teaser – and there’s likely much more excitement to come.

5 Woody Harrelson Is The Real Star

While there’s no shortage of love for Tom Hardy, there somehow might even be more love for Woody Harrelson. This iconic and legendary actor really does smash every role he plays, and he’s certainly worthy of stealing the whole show, like this Tweet points out.

Frankly, it’s about time Harrelson put on his villain hat and hit the big screen, especially as one of the most popular Marvel villains in comic history. With both of these pros on board, this movie has to at least knock the acting portion out of the park.

4 Is It Even Real?

Some Twitter users were quick to make some jokes about just how long they’ve all been waiting for this trailer to finally come. So much so, that all the teasers and the actual official trailer are all kind of jumbled into one.

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This Tweet is a hilarious nod to that, but it’s time for fans to buckle down and just watch the real, official, Sony trailer over and over again – and wait anxiously for another or for the movie to finally also hit the big screen.

3 Andy Serkis On Tumblr?

This Tumblr post is actually pretty hysterical, mainly because it’s literally explanatory of the entire opening scene in the new trailer. Maybe, just maybe, Andy Serkis really is scoping Twitter looking for what fans truly want and need.

Fans can thank Andy Serkis for giving the fans what they were dreaming of. Plus, there really isn’t an Andy Serkis flick that hasn’t impressed the masses, so fans can certainly look forward to another action movie with his name behind it.

2 The Movie Fans Wanted All Along

Despite a huge fandom for Venom and Tom Hardy playing the role, the first flick definitely had a fair share of critiques. One opinion that’s pretty universal on Twitter after the trailer was released is definitely that this one looks infinitely better.

So much so, that fans are thinking this is the movie that should’ve been made along. Fans want Carnage and Venom – end of story. Like this Twitter user points out, it’s about time movie lovers get what they’ve been waiting for.

1 The True Fans

Despite some flaws and hesitation, there’s still no doubt in anyone’s mind that fans are absolutely hyped to see this new movie. It may have been at the back of everyone’s minds, but now, it’s all any true fan can think about.

It’s definitely time for some Venom swag, and to make everything about it. There’s no holding back this fandom from their excitement now that the trailer has been released – and Twitter certainly isn’t even remotely mad about it.

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