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VERIFY: Normal to have ballots marked to vote just for president

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Referred to as undervoting, it is occurred to the good thing about each candidates in numerous states this 12 months.

Editor’s be aware: The associated video above was revealed Wednesday.

Viral posts have claimed that the presidential races in most states acquired hundreds extra votes than the opposite races on the ballots, that means many citizens submitted ballots marked just for President Donald Trump or Joe Biden and did not make a selection in different elections.

Some claims indicate that these votes favor the Democrat former vice chairman and could possibly be an indication of voter fraud. They typically level to swing states like Michigan as proof.

One such declare was a tweet from a Fox contributor who stated 450,000 individuals who voted for simply Biden in “key states” had been vital in assessing whether or not there’s proof of fraudulent ballots.

However this sort of suspicion on these ballots ignores the historical past of undervoting in American elections.


Are ballots that solely had votes for Trump or Biden, and no candidates from different races, proof of election fraud?


No. That form of voting, referred to as undervoting, is extraordinarily frequent in U.S. elections. It occurred in states that normally favor Republicans in addition to people who lean Democratic, and amongst voters for each candidates.

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The Federal Election Fee has a web page of previous outcomes and vote totals for American elections, together with tables that present how many individuals voted for president, senator and consultant within the Home.

Whereas not each voter in any given election has a possibility to vote for a senator, each voter does get an opportunity to vote for a member of the Home. Undervoting might be measured by evaluating previous nationwide presidential vote totals to previous Home of Representatives totals.

In 2016, 136,669,276 voted for president whereas solely 131,652,458 voted for a member of the Home. In 2012, 129,085,410 voted for president whereas solely 124,793,115 voted for a Congress member. In 2008, 131,313,820 voted for president whereas solely 122,959,841 voted for a Home consultant. And in 2004, 122,295,345 voted for president whereas solely 114,413,842 voted for a Home member.

That knowledge does present some variation. Whereas fewer folks voted within the presidential election in 2012 than they did in 2008, extra voted for a consultant in Congress. Whereas the variety of voters who undervoted hovered round Eight million in 2004 and 2008, that quantity decreased to about 5 million in 2012 and 2016.

It’s additionally a really casual evaluation of undervoting. Simply because somebody didn’t vote for a congressperson doesn’t imply additionally they didn’t vote in different races like these for Senate, state governor, metropolis council or different posts. Nonetheless, it helps in very clearly highlighting that there are individuals who vote for president whereas ignoring different races.

Tallies from this 12 months’s election thus far present that 2020 was no totally different. In Michigan, which was one state scrutinized for the discrepancy, 5,526,912 voted for president and solely 5,467,094 voted for Senate. That’s a distinction of about 60,000 votes. Biden ran about 70,000 votes forward of the Democratic Senate candidate, Trump ran about 7,000 votes forward of the Republican, and third social gathering candidates for president really acquired 20,000 much less votes than third social gathering Senate candidates.

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However each undervoting and presidential candidates working forward of their social gathering’s Senate candidate occurred in loads of different states, together with different swing states, protected states, and states that voted for Trump over Biden.

In Kentucky, for instance, 2,134,996 folks voted for president versus 2,134,446 who voted for Senate. That’s an undercount of solely 500 votes. However regardless of that, Trump ran forward of Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell by about 93,000 votes and Biden completed with about 44,000 votes lower than Kentucky’s Democratic Senate candidate.

Virginia, a state that went in Biden’s favor, had a extra vital undercount of 55,349 votes. However Virginia’s Democratic Senate candidate completed with over 50,000 votes greater than Biden whereas the Republican president completed with just below 30,000 votes greater than Virginia’s GOP Senate candidate.

One other swing state, Texas, had greater than 160,000 folks vote within the presidential election however not the election for the state’s Senate seat. Regardless of that, Texas’ Republican Senate candidate gained about 70,000 extra votes than Trump whereas Biden gained greater than 350,000 extra votes than the Democratic Senate candidate.

These comparisons are all to say that undervoting is frequent — North Carolina’s incomplete outcomes additionally present a major undervote with each presidential candidates gaining considerably extra votes than the Senate candidates — however the outcomes of the undervote aren’t constant throughout the board. The truth is, whereas undervoting is frequent it isn’t even common as extra folks voted for the Senate than for president in South Carolina. The Democratic Senate candidate outperformed Biden whereas Trump outperformed the Republican Senate candidate in that state.

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As soon as once more, you’ll be able to vote for president, ignore the Senate, after which vote in different races. Nonetheless, comparisons between presidential vote counts and Senate vote counts present folks might be selective about what races they vote in.

Moreover, the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Safety Company, additionally referred to as CISA, has included these issues on its rumor management webpage. CISA says undervoting happens each election.

Given the documented historical past of undervoting, it’s more likely that these discrepancies might be defined by individuals who voted just for president, slightly than folks stuffing poll bins with pretend votes for Biden and no different candidate.

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