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Vizio’s First Giant OLED TV Announced With These Amazing Features


It’s like everyone is now getting hands with the TVs as the Samsung and LG are giving 8K TVs to the world. Right now, Vizio is also stepping in TV manufacturing after providing LCDs. Vizio is going to deliver its first OLED television in the US this year.

Vizio announced at the CES 2020 about its first OLED TV as they promised to deliver “exceptional picture quality from any viewing angle.” Vizio unveiled the first Vizio 65-inch OLED before the press-conference-filled Media Day before the show starts. 

According to the company, they are now ready to provide value-priced and mid-range TV categories for some time and applauding by customers because of its low prices, high-quality displays, and streamlined smart TV experience with the free content as well as a built-in Google Chromecast to deliver full-featured support. In last couple of years, the company has increased the quality front with quantum dot-enhanced displays that offer more vibrant color and brightness.

Vizio’s OLED TV will come with 55- and 65-inch sizes and use “luxury industrial design” with a 4mm bezel and “intuitive” cable management to offer great viewing.

Vizio’s new 4K HDR TVs fully optimized for the current and upcoming generations of game consoles from Sony as well as Microsoft. Vizio said that they would include improved 4K upscaling and color reproduction in its TV for the high accuracy. 

The new Vizio OLED TV will have 64-bit and 1GHz ARM processor. Also, it will have the “IQ Ultra” processor that includes AI/machine learning picture optimizations. That’s something unique. 

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And also the new “ProGaming Engine” to support variable refresh rates, AMD FreeSync, and 4K gaming at up to 120Hz. Vizio has also upgraded its HDMI to 2.0 across the line to extend to all HDMI ports on every specifical input lag is under 15 milliseconds.

The company is also improving its HDR format as it will include Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG, and now HDR10+ in an OLED TV. So, it will be a perfect choice if you would like to buy a future-proofed 4K TV. Furthermore, there will also be a new voice remote to manage and control all TV controls, whether you like to search the content or launch any app. Vizio also continues to support Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s HomeKit and AirPlay 2.

Vizio has not revealed the price of OLED TV and yet not confirm that whether the OLED panel will be sourced from LG Display or not. But both LG and Sony use LG Display panels. Let’s wait and watch for the most announcements from the Vizio.

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