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Warzone Players Are Able To Get Under The Map Again, This Time At Prison

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Call of Duty: Warzone players have found yet another glitch that allows them to get underneath the map; this time it’s at the game’s prison.

Call of Duty: Warzone players are cheating once again, having found a way to get under the game’s prison. One player showcased how easy it was to not only kill someone for a victory, but to avoid the toxic gas and even pick up items without ever stepping foot in the actual prison area or putting oneself at risk from more honest players.

For all its success, Warzone is no stranger to cheaters. Streamers have encountered numerous hackers that ruin the fun. Activision has banned hundreds of thousands of players from the game in an effort to combat hacking, but it seems that there is no end to the number of exploits that can be taken advantage of by the gaming community. Legitimate fans are becoming very exhausted with the deluge of exploiters infesting their beloved battle royale.

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The latest example of cheating comes from Reddit user khentimentu, who showcased a clip of a player managing to get underneath the prison in Warzone in the final circle. The player is able to grab items and weapons without ever leaving the glitched zone underneath the map. They also manage to shoot a hapless player above them, winning the game. The player was able to walk through rocks and other objects underneath the map, allowing them to totally avoid any sort of danger from the gas that was surrounding the circle.

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It’s not the first glitch that allows players underneath Warzone‘s map, either. This seems to be a rather consistent problem, as it has happened multiple times. Although no game is without its bugs and glitches, the fact that so many players are able to find ways to hide underneath the map and get victories from just camping and shooting unsuspecting players above them, with zero consequences, is pretty frustrating. Warzone is a great game, but it is consistently ruined by players who cheat or exploit the game, making it far less enjoyable for others to play. It’s likely that the glitch will be fixed eventually, but it’s also just as likely that another map exploit will pop up just as quickly.

Just two weeks ago, the other Warzone map glitch was patched, but a new one has now surfaced just as quickly. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a new patch fix this issue within the next week or so, but it does highlight a larger issue with the game. It’s not surprising that a game with over 100 million players has a lot of cheaters, but Activision doesn’t seem to be doing enough to punish them. Until there’s real consequences, it seems unlikely that Warzone‘s cheater problem will lessen anytime soon.

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Source: Khentimentu

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